HBS 012: How to Use Traffic Exchanges Effectively (Show Notes)

Here are some links to resouces that I mentioned on my podcast “How to Use Traffic Exchanges Effectively”.

Some of these are affiliate links and I do get credit or commission if you choose to sign up and upgrade. As well, these are a few that I use regularly and have found to be effective for the right type of offers.

Traffic Exchange Co-ops

These services take your links and rotate them among many different traffic exchanges. This is a good way to get some broad exposure, and the best thing to do is purchase credits (they are pretty cheap).

Explosive Traffic

Legacy Team Co-op

Traffic Exchanges

These are two that I use. TrafficSwarm in particular seems effective, as they have a 20 second timer (surfers have to stay on your page that long to get credits). Hit Safari is one of the more respected traffic exchanges and is popular.


Hit Safari

Firefox Tab Rotator  – this free Firefox add-on rotates your tabs. You log in to several traffic exchanges, set the time between tabs (usually 3-4 seconds) and it speeds up the process of surfing multiple exchanges at once.