HBS 005: Show Notes

HBS 005: Show Notes (How to Get Unstuck and Write a Blog Post Today)

Here are the blog post idea starters that I covered on my podcast, as well as others that I didn’t have time to go over.

Also, here is an additional resource to help you come up with ideas:

22 Creative Ways to Create Compelling Content For Your Blog

And this:

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When you get stuck for blog post ideas, here are some things to help inspire that creativity!

Find a YouTube video (inspirational or related to your business), embed in your post, and tell your readers what you got from it and/or how you think it will help them.

Create a short video and share how you answered an objection that a prospect had. People are always looking for ways to improve their recruiting and sponsoring efforts.

Write a “how to” post. For example, if you used to hate calling prospects but found a way to overcome that fear, write something about your experience and how you overcame that fear.

What are common misconceptions about your product, service, or opportunity? For example, a common misconception is that network marketing is a pyramid scheme. Address it.

Think of important events and turning points in your home business – talk about your successes and “light bulb” moments – if you are actively working your business, you can do this even if you are fairly new.

Create a FAQ post related to your niche. For network marketers, this could be frequently asked questions about sponsoring, MLM in general, objections, relationship building, prospecting, getting leads, etc.

What are problems, challenges, and obstacles that new people in your business encounter? There are likely lots of these. Write in detail about causes and solutions.

Write a Top 10 or Top “something” List. “Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Network Marketing Business”. “Top 20 Places to Find Prospects Online”. “Top 10 Ways to Use a Blue Widget to Create Healthier Meals”.

Write a review about a product that has helped you advance in your business. Perhaps a book that inspired you, or a training course that helped you develop new skills. What did you get out of it? Was anything missing you’d like to see in future products? How is it different from similar products? Would you recommend it to others?

Ask your readers to comment on popular topics in your niche. For example, I once asked my readers about the most common objections they get from MLM prospects and how they deal with them. You could also ask people how they use a certain type of product, etc.

Write a post (or series of posts) about something that people think of as complex, and break it down to make it simple. For example, many people think of setting up a WordPress blog as complex so I’ve created content that  breaks it down and makes it simple.

Write about something new you tried – perhaps a prospecting technique? Was it effective or not? If you did it again, would you do it differently? Would you advise others to try it?

Do an audio recording on something you feel knowledgeable about that will help your readers. It can be shorter than the podcast you just listened to, just needs to be long enough to get a point across. Mixing up written word with audio and video is quite effective.

If you have someone in your network marketing group who is having great success, write a post about it. Why are they having this success? What are they doing that others don’t? People love to hear real life success stories. This is much better than just presenting “theory”. Make it living and real.

Along with success, some people fail in a home business. Analyze why someone failed in your business. Where did they go wrong? How should your readers avoid making the same mistake?

Write an inspirational post. Everyone needs uplifting from time to time. Tell a story about how you keep yourself “up” when things get tough. Be encouraging and help people see that they can be successful in whatever they do.

Write an update type of post – talk about how something used to be, and how it is today. For example, I use this when talking about high pressure MLM recruiting tactics as were practiced years ago vs building relationships and attraction marketing that is taught today.

ALWAYS GOOD –> Go back to some of your previous posts, pick an idea or thought, and expand on it in more depth in a new post.

Write a post about something you would do differently in building your business today, if you had to start all over, from your present perspective. Consider what you have learned along the way, and give readers your insight.