Does DS Domination Really Work?

ds domination reviewWhen I first took a look at DS Domination in the summer of 2014, I was skeptical about it. I had seen lots of hype and heard many glowing testimonials. Some people said that nobody really makes any money using the training on Ebay selling, but rather the money is made from sponsoring people into the program.

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I set out to find the truth, because a couple of people I knew online were doing it and saying they were making good money on Ebay. Their income was from implementing the Ebay training only, not from commissions on sharing the opportunity. This would be a big plus, if it were true, I thought.

DS Domination is a network marketing opportunity with training that teaches you how to source items from Amazon and other places, list them on Ebay, and drop ship direct to the customer for profit.

You start at the “Pro” level initially, for $19.95 per month. At this level, you learn how to properly source items from Amazon and list them on Ebay. This is the first step. There are later upgrade options, beginning with “Elite”, that teach you how to source items outside of Amazon and make even more profit. As you progress, you can also get advanced training on selling products through Amazon itself, which many consider to be even more lucrative than Ebay.

All in all, DS Domination delivers what it promises. The promise is that you can make serious money without ever recruiting anyone into the business. If you do want to create an additional income stream with the network marketing opportunity, there is plenty of training and all the tools you need to succeed. It virtually sells itself if you put it in front of the right audience. But bottom line, the product itself teaches you the secrets of making money on Ebay and promoting the opportunity is optional.

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That said, here are some things to consider if you are interested in building your fortune on Ebay.

DS Domination vs Other “Make Money on Ebay” Training

While evaluating this program and starting my own Ebay business, I wondered why not just purchase an Ebay selling course for a one-time fee instead of paying DS Domination a monthly fee. I actually found one Ebay selling course for about $125, and it looked very good. I thought maybe I could save some money and go that route.

Here is why I chose to stick with the DS Domination system:

  • ongoing updates (you stay on top of the latest changes and trends, very important)
  • in-depth training (you learn all you need to know + insider tips for greater success)
  • outstanding support (private Facebook groups where  successful sellers can help you)
  • the community (encouragement from others and a sense of mission that is critical to success)

Bottom line, successful selling on Ebay and Amazon is a dynamic art – once you learn how, it is simple, but there are always new tweaks and strategies to help you get more income from your efforts. This is where DS Domination shines above other methods for learning Ebay selling. You are always on the cutting edge. This is important whether you are looking for a part-time income, or seeking to go full-time and create “replace your job” income.

Getting Out of “Paypal Jail”

Paypal Jail scares some people off, but this topic is covered right up front in your training. It is simple to break out of Paypal Jail.

Ebay owns Paypal, and uses them as their primary payment processor. When you first start making sales on Ebay, the funds that your customer pays will be sent to your Paypal account, but held for up to three weeks. This is done in order to protect Ebay customers. They want to see first if you are a reliable seller who ships your items on time and takes care of any customer concerns.

Once you break out of jail, your customers’ payments will be immediately credited to your Paypal account and you can use them to purchase the item you are drop shipping to them. There are three conditions you must meet:

  • 90 days since your first sale
  • at least 25 sales
  • at least $250 in sales

Until you meet these criteria, you will need to purchase the items you sold from your own funds up front and recover the money (and profit) later.

What if you are starting with a small budget and paying up front is an issue? You can find lots of things around your house and list them for sale. Or, find low-cost items on Amazon and focus on selling enough of those to meet the requirements. It really isn’t hard to do, it just takes some patience and consistent effort. The payoff is huge in the long-term if you stick with it.

Dealing With Customer Issues

The vast majority of your sales will go through with no problems. However, there are occasional issues, for example when a customer wants to return an item they purchased. When this happens, it is a bit of a pain, but very manageable.

The DS Domination Pro training thoroughly covers how to handle these issues, from the return itself to dealing with customer questions and complaints. Again, though, you will not have much problem with this at all.

Why DS Domination Changes the Game

If you are looking for serious “work from home” income, you have many options. There are lots of good network marketing and MLM opportunities. But there is one thing to think hard about.

When you go with DS Domination and learn how to make money on Ebay and Amazon, you are learning a skill. This enables you to make great money in proportion to your own individual effort. You earn in proportion to what you put into it.

By contrast, with most network marketing programs, you earn the bulk of your income from your downline team volume. In other words, you depend on the efforts of others for your income. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is something to consider. With DS Domination, you are learning the secrets of online selling and drop shipping, and these skills will enable you to make money whenever you want. If you want to put in the effort, you can earn a full-time income and beyond without having to recruit and depend on the efforts of others.

With DSD you have the best of both worlds – you learn how to make great money from your own efforts, and you also have the option to participate in the network marketing program and make even more, if you choose.

I don’t know of any other network marketing opportunity where the product itself teaches you how to make money online like this one does. If you’re willing to be teachable, patient, and follow the training you can seriously make bank with this.

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