The Story of Two Gardeners

picture of small vegetable plant in the gardenThis story might not seem at first to belong on a home business blog, but it contains a secret to success in network marketing. Success is not always right where you think it is, and doesn’t always happen just when you think it should.

Let’s say you and a neighbor both work the ground and plant a small vegetable garden in your backyard. You get everything ready and plant your seeds. You care for those seeds, keeping all the weeds out, watering, fertilizing.

After a week, a couple seedlings poke out of the ground. You keep working and caring for them. After two weeks, lots of little  seedlings. You get even more excited, and start thinking you’re right on the verge of something big. After 3 weeks, you have real plants, but no vegetables.

Three more weeks go by, your plants are bigger, but you still haven’t gotten any vegetables from your plants. You figure it just wasn’t meant to be, and quit in disgust.

It just didn’t work out. Look at all the time and effort I put into it, not to mention the money, and I didn’t get a thing out of it! Gardening doesn’t work!

A month later, your neighbor harvests 10 pounds of potatoes, a bushel of tomatoes and two bushels of beans from his garden, just from the first harvest of the season. He wonders why you abandoned your garden just before it started producing.

The reason I related this story – I have seen and heard of so many people quitting their network marketing business at a similar time in their growth, and then THEIR SPONSOR reaps all the benefits of  their hard work. It is sad, but in my business I have enjoyed the fruits of hard work put in by people in my group who decided it was time for them to give up.

Please, please don’t give up before you really get started. If you are new to network marketing, or have people in your group who are, you need to know that discouragement almost always sets in early on. Because of the nature of building a business, you must put in a lot of work before you see real results.

Sometime all this work seems in vain just before it starts to pay off. Talk to your upline, seek encouragement, whatever it takes. Don’t quit!

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  1. Hi Eldon,

    that story does fit very well on a business blog.
    Great analogy!
    How come that people seem to accept the fact that in a ‘normal business’ success may start to happen after a couple of years, when the proceeds are still going to pay off the start up cost?
    But when it comes to the ‘new’ business like networkmarketing, or other ‘unusual forms of business’, where the start up costs are minimal and the overheads are edible, people want to see results almost instanly?
    Thank you for your post.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Yorinda, I think people expect fast results with network marketing when they are sold on the business by hype and “get rich quick” promises. Sadly, there is still way too much of that out there.

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