What is the Best Path to Financial Freedom?

best path to financial freedomWhat is the best path to financial freedom? How can one best achieve personal  wealth and fortune?

Let’s think about some of the options. Is it better to live within a tight budget and put away as much money as you can? Some people choose this path, and over time invest some of the money they save in hope of reaping dividends when it comes time to retire.

Another option is to find a way to make more money, so that your budget can ease a bit and perhaps you can enjoy more luxuries along the way.

Which is the best path to financial freedom, saving money or making more money?

There really isn’t a definite answer for this one. Let’s say you choose the “make more money” approach. Well, if you aren’t diligent about watching your spending, you’re likely to have problems no matter how much money you are making. So making more money isn’t necessarily the ultimate solution.

Even if you make more money, budgeting and smart money management is essential. The path to financial freedom requires carefully managing the income you do earn.

There is a problem that most people out there face, however. Regardless of how carefully they watch expenses and stick with a budget, they are often just a few thousand dollars (or even a few hundred dollars) in unexpected expenses away from having a major financial crisis!

I firmly believe that it’s critical to watch expenses and be the master of your money. Make your money work for you. However, to really get ahead, it makes sense to bring in additional income. Make more money.

There are three primary ways to make more money….

1) get a second job
2) work more hours at your main job if you can
3) start a home based business

With the demands of modern life, plus family obligations, getting a second job or working more hours is not the most desirable solution. You CAN make more this way, but you are trading set hours for set pay, which isn’t the best deal.

Launching a home business, especially an online home based business, is a much more attractive option. Working on the Internet, you can reach millions of potential customers and business partners, and the entire world is wide open to you.

On top of that, you have much more leverage with an online business. You put your product or opportunity out there, do the right things to get exposure, and you literally have a money making machine working for you 24 hours a day.

The Internet is here to stay. People who have experienced the ease and economy of shopping and doing business online will not go back to the old ways. Every day millions of people worldwide go online looking for an opportunity to make money. Why not take advantage of this constantly growing trend? Have you started your own home based business? This may just be the best path to financial freedom for you.

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