Who Has Time to Start a Home Based Business?

who has time to start a home based businessWhen talking to people who are looking for a way to make extra money, I always discuss the option to start a home based business. These are often people with full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

Busy people.

Can you guess one of the most common concerns they have?

We live in a day and time when everyone is busier than ever (or at least it seems that way). Many times, if we are discussing the possibility of starting a business from home, they’ll think for a minute and say “I just don’t have the time”.

The perceived problem with lack of time also affects those who are already involved with a home business. From time to time, I’ll call people in my network marketing team who seem to be inactive, just to see if something is holding them back that I can help with.

One call I made recently was to an associate that I sponsored a few months ago. This guy showed some activity his first couple of months, but little since. He told me that he loved the product and thought the business opportunity was great, but that he just didn’t have time to work it. It was like “maybe someday”.

Have you sponsored someone in your network marketing business who uses the “no time” excuse?

Here’s how I look at this. I know people are busy and have many obligations. But, anyone who starts a business is motivated by something. It might be to make money to help pay bills, or maybe even attain financial freedom someday.

Let’s say you want more money and financial freedom, but just don’t feel you have time to start a home based business or do anything with the one you already have. I have a proposal for you.

I have a guaranteed, no fail system that I can show you. It will work for any home business. It is a simple two step system, and here is how it works.

Step 1: Set aside 2 hours a day, every day, for a year.

Step 2: Take a list of actions that I give you, that anyone can do (even if you’re shy and have trouble talking to people), and do them during this time every day.

If you follow the steps in this system exactly, two hours every day, for one year, you will be guaranteed a net income of at least $5,000 every month. That’s pretty good part-time money.

If you KNEW my system would work for you, with a firm commitment of just two hours a day every day for one year, would you find the time?

The truth is, when we truly believe in something we can find the time. I think a lot of people in network marketing and MLM use the “no time” excuse because there is something missing. Maybe they don’t believe in their product, or have lost faith that the opportunity can help them create a full-time income.

Get excited again. If you need to, find a product you can be passionate about and an opportunity that gets you really excited. When you have that enthusiasm and passion, you can start a home based business and find the time you need to make it successful.

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