Create Your Online Home Base for Your Network Marketing Business

create your network marketing blog for branding and promotionAre you promoting your network marketing business online? If so, you should have your own personal website or “home base” on the Internet. Many network marketing and MLM companies provide replicated sites that you can customize with your photo and some text, but these are not what I have in mind.

You should have your own unique site (preferably a WordPress blog, for ease of editing and overall management). This will have your own domain name, with your choice of web hosting. It will be your own personal Internet real estate, and you will have full control over the content and presentation.

You can use your blog to help brand yourself as a unique individual with a special story to share. It will enable you to stand out and grab attention from prospects who are visiting your site looking for an opportunity to make money from home.

Many network marketing companies have policies that prohibit you from creating websites or blogs that directly promote the opportunity by name. To work around this restriction, many networkers create sites that are basically generic but related to their opportunity. For example, if their business is built around a line of nutritional products, their site may have content on health and nutritional topics that are relevant to what their company offers.

There will typically be a mailing list opt-in form to receive additional details about the business opportunity via email (perhaps with a free report as an incentive to sign up for the list).

This approach can work, but what many MLM and network marketing entrepreneurs don’t realize is that they are missing something that can make the difference between a visitor contacting them for more information, or quickly leaving their site and looking for something else.

Visit a few network marketing opportunity websites or blogs. Can you sense that a real person is there, or does it come across more as an automated prospecting system designed primarily to qualify and sort potential leads? Is there a picture of the site owner, a bio, or anything about them there? Is there anything to help create a little rapport between the visitor and the site owner?

The point in creating your own personal blog is to brand you as a leader in your business, and help establish rapport and trust with your visitors. On the Internet, opportunity seekers have a lot of choices, and total control over what they view. If your site doesn’t offer something to hold their attention, they can click away and visit someone else’s site whenever they like. You don’t have a captive audience like in the old days when home and hotel meetings were common.

Creating your own blog for personal branding and marketing may seem difficult, but it really isn’t. You may already have a blog established, but are not sure how to move forward with it.

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