2014 Deal of the Month Club

deal of the monthAs we approach the dawn of a new year, I just want to take a moment to highlight something that I believe stops MANY people from EVER establishing a steady income with an online business opportunity.

Just watching the activity on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other places is interesting.  I see people blasting ads and touting the latest and greatest opportunity they have become involved with. Some I recognize as serial opportunity seekers (always jumping around from one program to another), others just seem to be searching for answers.

I think this time of year tends to inspire that. People get unhappy with whatever business they are doing (they feel they aren’t going to make enough money with it) so they throw something else out there. I think it becomes a game of sorts, putting opportunities out there, hoping that one of them catches on and becomes the long sought answer to magically creating wealth.

What is unfortunate is that most of these people will do no better with their new program than the ones they were promoting before. There are reasons for this, let’s take a quick look at a couple of critical things.

First, you have to establish credibility to have a shot at long term success with any online business. The type of people you want to work with (serious entrepreneurs) will take time to Google you and your opportunity. If they see a consistent pattern of jumping from one thing to another, over relatively short periods of time, they will look elsewhere.

Second, you have to work hard to create some influence and build a list of contacts who have reason to believe in you, and trust you. This doesn’t come from moving from one opportunity to another, sort of like playing a lottery. Sure, you see top earners move into different opportunities when the timing is right, but they have created a success story with whatever opportunities they have worked previously.

Have you created a success story with any of your online opportunities? If not, why not?

When you move from one business to another without establishing success with any of them….you are spinning your wheels. It’s best to find something legitimate and profitable, and engage it hard until you create an income and can demonstrate success. Always remember this one thing….

You can make money and create success with any legitimate online business opportunity, if you put in the work. When it gets hard and you seem to be making no progress, it’s really easy to jump ship and go find something else. It’s like you didn’t find the golden egg behind Door A so you jump to Door B and see what’s back there. And on and on it goes. The golden egg never appears, and you get left in the dust wondering what happened.

Have a great 2014 everyone! If you haven’t already, find an opportunity that resonates with you. If you got trapped into the home business “deal of the month” club, renounce your membership today.

Seek leadership. Get with the right people, and create a massive success story for yourself!

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  1. Hello Eldon! This post has my name all over it! I stuck it out for 16 months with the first company I was introduced to, I didn’t make much money but what I learned was worth every penny. I do know that 2014 is my year to find what I am looking for I keep thinking that I have it yet as you stated above I keep looking behind yet another door. This was an eye opening post for me. Thanks for sharing Chery :))

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hi Chery, believe me I have “been there done that” when it comes to exploring various opportunities and having problems with focus. I’ve learned a lot from those experiences. Just hang in there and something will come along that feels “right”. Make sure you have a strong leadership team and support system in place, embrace it, and don’t look back. Give it time.

  3. Yes. I’m officially renouncing my membership to “deal of the month” club.

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