2014 Deal of the Month Club

As we approach the dawn of a new year, I just want to take a moment to highlight something that I believe stops MANY people from EVER establishing a steady income with an online business opportunity. Just watching the activity on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other places is interesting.  I see people blasting ads and touting the …Read More

What Separates Amateurs From Pros in Network Marketing?

I talk to prospects every day who express a desire to make money in network marketing. The unfortunate reality is, many of them will never make more than a few dollars before they give up and move on to something else. What happens? Certainly, there are a few who just aren’t suited to a “people” …Read More

How to Train Your Network Marketing Team

When you enroll someone and they become a part of your network marketing team, you have a responsibility to help them get started on the right foot. While your company or upline team should have a training program in place, your network marketing team members will need your help as well, to ensure that they …Read More

Questions to Ask Your Network Marketing Prospects

When you call your network marketing prospects and leads, do you ever struggle with what to say? The usual approach is to strike up a friendly conversation, answer some questions about your opportunity, and begin building a relationship. That’s great, but it’s helpful to have some things in mind to ask your prospects. The type …Read More

Have You Set Your Network Marketing Business Goals for 2012?

If you haven’t set goals for your network marketing business in 2012, it isn’t too late! I remember when I used to think I had to sit down no later than December 31 and write out my goals and plan for the next year in its entirety. Everything. Later, I realized that there is nothing …Read More

Leading Your Way to Success in Network Marketing

To be successful in network marketing and build your dream business, you must be a leader. Some people seem to be natural born leaders, in the sense that they’ve been “take charge” type people all their life. Maybe you’re not terribly outgoing, and have wondered if you have what it takes to be an effective …Read More

Watch Out for the Blame Game

As a network marketing leader, you’ll have the privilege of helping your new downline team members get off to a good start. Some will step out and do well right away. Others will face challenges that you can help them overcome. Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really …Read More

How to Be a Leader on the Social Networking Sites

Are you ready to use social networking to help promote yourself and your home business? If so, you have made a very wise decision. Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below! Got a minute? Take a …Read More