Easy Way to Share Your MLM Business With Prospects

share your MLM businessIf you’ve been wondering how to more effectively share your MLM business with prospects, especially people you know, I’d like to share an approach that I’ve found to work very well.

When sharing your opportunity, especially through email, the tendency is to send a link and ask them to check it out. How many times have we ALL done that?

Thing is, that isn’t always the best approach. When you just send the link, you’ve put everything on the table up front.

Here is a way to share your MLM business with prospects that’s a little different and often more effective.

Hello <name>,

I am working on a new business project and am looking for some partners or referrals. I don’t know if you would be open to it, but if I sent you a link to a video would you take a look and let me know if you know of anyone who might be the right fit?



This approach creates more of a curiosity and definitely gives you a solid lead to follow up with. When you just send the link, and they don’t respond, then you start wondering – did they get it? Did they not have time to check it out? Should I contact them again?

Doing it like this, some of your prospects will respond and say “sure, send it to me”. You now have a more qualified prospect. You can easily follow up with them, because they agreed to look at your video or sales page.

I also like this approach because it takes most of the pressure off the prospect. If you just send a link to a friend, and they find it not interesting at all, they will probably be reluctant to tell you that. Thus, their silence.

On the other hand, if you use this approach and make it clear that you’re looking for business partners OR referrals, it makes it much easier for them to get back with you. Especially with friends, there is much less pressure.

Give it a try, when you share your MLM business like this, it can work wonders for your business!

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  1. I like the approach Eldon 😉 I feel it works best after you develop a relationship with someone.

    Using attraction marketing principles makes our life easier. We target folks, provide value and over time our pitch or offer becomes more influential, and we see more open-ness to our asking.

    On the other hand, sending out unsolicited messages to strangers might just cheese them off….cyber cold calling….LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your insight Eldon!


  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Ryan, this approach is intended for people you know and have a least some relationship with. If it is sent to total strangers they just delete it as spam. 🙂

  3. MLM business is just like any other business. you need to build trust to develop good working relationship. But pester your prospects to no end and you’ll end up getting kicked out.

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