Home Based Business Prospecting Tips – Stand Out and Shine

home based business prospecting tipsToday, I have a few home based business prospecting tips to help you grow your income.

Prospecting is the life of your business. Network marketers need prospects. Direct selling and party plan business people need prospects. If your opportunity is one that  requires working directly with potential business partners and customers, you should focus on how to create good relationships with these people.

The business opportunity seeker market is very competitive. There is LOTS of noise that can drown out your advertising and promotional efforts unless you stand above the crowd. You want to leave a lasting impression on your prospects, so that when the timing is right for them to join your business or purchase your product, they remember YOU and not someone else they may have seen.

Over time, many of my best new business partners have been people who opted in to my system and requested details as long as a year or two before they finally joined my team. It’s always the hope that good prospects will sign up or purchase right away, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

It’s important to figure out some way to help people remember you, instead of your competition. You have to stand out and set yourself apart from all the other business builders who are out there prospecting.

While not everyone is a born “relationship builder”, I believe that anyone can learn to be good at it! It might take some movement beyond your traditional comfort zone, but it’s well worth the effort.

Let’s take a look at some home based business prospecting tips that will help you stand out and be noticed. Notice in the title I said “stand out and shine”….well, you want to be different from the crowd for sure!

What Makes You Memorable to Prospects?

I believe the most important skill you can learn is to show a genuine interest in people. Your prospects may have no clue who you are, initially, but they will be able to discern whether you are really interested in them or just faking it.

Let’s face the reality – some people prospecting you will pretend to have a sincere interest in you because they have been through “relationship building” courses. They are seeking to create a relationship with you, hoping you will join their team or buy their products.

Ever had a chat with someone who seemed to ask all the right questions, but you could sense they really weren’t listening to your answers? You could get the feel that it was a rehearsed skill they had been  taught?

Don’t get caught doing that. There is nothing wrong with working from a basic set of questions when prospecting, but the key is be sincere and genuine when you do it. Your prospects can sense if you are just faking interest.

All Prospects Have Life Issues & Needs

All people have personal issues, needs, and desires that need to be addressed. They need solutions to problems or desire to eliminate pain in their life.

If you are promoting a network marketing opportunity, you might be working with a prospect who needs money to put their kids through college and can’t save it fast enough. They might hate what they do on their job and want a realistic plan to get out of it. There are lots of reasons people might be interested in creating a new income stream.

Your job is to work with them and find out what their motivation is for starting a home business. Be real. They will be much more likely to want to work with you now, or later, if you are truly putting their interests first.

Think not…I need to get this person enrolled with a Mega Pack so I can make that $250 Fast Start Bonus

Think…What is the best option for this person to get started?

The “Mega Pack” or whatever might really be the best option for them, but base that on their situation and their best interest and not yours.

Follow these home based business prospecting tips and be memorable! You will leave a great impression on your prospects, and you’ll find that taking the focus off of you and putting it on the prospect makes a world of difference in your business.

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