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using google voice to quickly create articles and blog postsIf you’re blogging for your MLM or network marketing business, here is a great home business tip that I picked up recently.

I enjoy writing articles and blogging, but frankly, it can be quite inconvenient at times to sit down at the computer and write when there are so many other things out there that I need to get done.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to squeeze more production from the time I have available for my business, so this has been a tremendous help to me.

Google Voice, the new voice mail service from Google, has three key features:

  • you get a single number that rings you anywhere you want (you can forward to multiple phones)
  • your voice mails are transcribed to your email inbox
  • it’s free for calls and text messages in the USA & Canada

You can set this up so that when someone calls your Google Voice number and leaves a message, it will be transcribed and sent to you as a text message, as well as a transcript sent to your email box. Are you seeing the possibilities yet?

Here is the cool thing. When I’m driving somewhere, I take along a few keywords or thoughts I want to create articles or posts about. I call my Google Voice number and say a title like “A Great Home Business Tip for Faster Blogging”. Then I start talking about it. After 2-3 minutes (3 is the max), I hang up and the content will arrive in my email box a few minutes later ready to copy and paste into my blog.

This is a tremendous time saver! I’ve found that the transcription is very accurate. There are always a couple places where I have to make small edits or corrections, but overall it’s amazing how well this process works.

Give Google Voice a try. I think you’ll enjoy being able to create your articles and blog content faster and eliminate quite a bit of “screen time” in the process. I am amazed at how quickly and easily I can create content this way. If this home business tip is helpful to you, please take time to comment below and share this with others.

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