How to Approach Your Warm Market About Your Network Marketing Business

network marketing business warm market prospectingHow do you feel about approaching your warm market about your business opportunity? Even if your plan is to focus most of your network marketing business building efforts online, it is still important to approach your warm market and let them know about what you are doing. I prefer to call my approach “warm market notification”, as it’s designed to inform rather than pressure anyone.

Your warm market will be your friends, relatives, and acquaintances – pretty much anyone you know and have a relationship with. Many people in network marketing want to avoid this step because it can be frightening and intimidating. And, nobody likes to feel like they are “selling” and your friends don’t like to feel like they’re being pitched or sold on something.

Here is one primary approach I use that takes the pressure off both you and your warm market prospect.

The first thing you need to do is make the list of people you want to inform about your business. Get as many as you can – most people know at least 100 people they can notify. Make sure you have their mailing address and phone number. Then, follow this simple two step process.

1) Send them a card or letter with a brief introduction to your network marketing business, perhaps including a CD or DVD presentation. In the letter, approach it from the angle “I’m excited about this new business – do you know anyone who may be interested in making money from home?”

2) Follow up with them a few days later, and ask them if they received your card or letter and what they thought. If they show a personal interest, great! If not, you can ask for a referral and follow up with them again later.

By doing this, you have notified your warm market and identified those who are interested now and those who might be prospects in the future. You did not have to pressure them, it was all pretty low key and relaxed. Make it a point to follow up again in the future.

It’s important to maintain posture when calling the people you send the cards or information packets to. Since these are not people who have expressed an interest already, you might not sign up as many of them as you’d hope. That’s no big deal. Remember you’re just turning over stones here to see if anyone is looking, and since these are people who know you, they are more likely to be receptive to talking to you if they are seeking additional income.

Don’t sweat it, just do the notifications and sort through to see if any good prospects are there.

In the meantime, how are you doing putting together your online MLM strategy for building your business? Have you taken the first step and set up your “home base” with a WordPress blog? Do you have a lead capture system set up for those who visit your blog?

These are all important parts of a successful online network marketing business strategy. Your warm market isn’t endless, and while you’re prospecting there, be putting together other online and offline strategies to attract prospects who are ready and looking for an income opportunity.

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  1. Hi Eldon,
    Enjoyed your article and I like your approach to the warm market. I agree that starting with the warm market gives people new to the business the opportunity to start building their business and self confidence. Even with the help of a great coach it’s tough for some people to make themselves approach a stranger – the good news is the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

  2. Yes…practice makes perfect, as they say.

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