Network Marketing – The Warm Market Dilemma

warm market notificationMany people start a network marketing business, and plan to do their prospecting and business building online.

Building a powerful network marketing business online is very realistic, particularly if you learn how to use the social media and networking sites like Facebook effectively. It’s all about going where your potential prospects are going and learning how to get involved and meet them.

That said, I have found that some network marketers prefer to start their businesses exclusively online, while avoiding warm market contact as much as possible. Sometime, this is because they have approached their best contacts one or more times in the past, and feel reluctant to go back and say “I have done my research and found the RIGHT opportunity this time!” Other times, they feel that many of their friends will reject them for one reason or another.

I believe in and teach attraction marketing. This is the art of having prospects who are currently seeking an opportunity come to you looking for information. It is often easier to work with people who are interested and approach you asking for details, as opposed to exploring possibilities with warm market friends who may or may not have any interest at all. It really depends on how you approach it.

If you have done your research and made a serious commitment to building a network marketing business, you should let your friends and family know what you’re up to. I’m not a big fan of making a list of 100 names and systematically working down the list making phone calls and trying to schedule presentations. The approach I prefer is using “warm marketing notification”, then making those calls.

Put together something that explains your business in a nutshell, including a little about why you chose your business. Send your warm market contacts a personal note, a card, a letter, or even an email with links to your online business site. Invite them to take a look, and explain that you’ll be in touch in a few days to see what they think.

Notifying your warm market in this way, then following up after they’ve had time to receive your information, helps take the pressure off everyone. You aren’t putting them on the spot by calling and trying to schedule a presentation right then, and you’re giving them a chance to see just enough of your opportunity to determine whether they’re interested.

Those who are interested in making money with a home business will respond, while others might be prospects at a future time.

Do whatever you feel comfortable with. The big thing is, make those warm market contacts in the beginning. It gives you a chance to practice talking about your opportunity and helps you work out answers to common questions about your network marketing business. This will help you immensely when you are talking to prospects you find online.

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