How to Lose a Facebook Friend

over zealous promotion in FacebookSince I’m pretty active on Facebook, I get friend requests fairly often.

When I get a Facebook  friend request, I take a quick look to see if the other person has similar interests or ambitions, as well as consider the common friends we share. Based on this, I choose to add them as a new friend or just ignore.

Quite frankly, many people on Facebook seem to have the idea that “the more Facebook friends you have, the greater is your status in the online universe“. Some people seem to go out of their way to send as many friend invitations as they possibly can, as often as they can.

But all that aside, I want to make a brief comment on how to lose a Facebook friend.

I recently had someone send me a friend request. This person was also involved in the home based business and network marketing industry, so I accepted the invitation. Since then, I have received daily updates from them. They are almost ALL solicitations for their business. Headlines like “Join my business free this week” that just stick out and are a real turnoff.

This is a great example of how not to have success on the social networks. People just don’t want outright solicitation. They won’t respect anyone that does it. It is so obvious when someone is on Facebook or any other social network solely to promote a business or sell something.

You CAN very effectively get leads and grow your business through the social networks. You just need to focus on doing the most important things.

  • provide value – share helpful tips and resources to help others in their business or whatever they do, without a link to something you sell or offer as an affiliate
  • build relationships – get to know others and appreciate them as people – don’t just look at them with dollar signs in your eyes
  • establish trust – you must provide value and build relationships to establish that trust which ultimately attracts others to you and your business or product/service

Always look at it like this – do you enjoy being sold? Do you like people in your face pumping the latest and greatest thing they sell? Of course not.

Bring value to others. Contribute something. Help people. Do things for others that are unselfish, for which you have no direct benefit or compensation. This is a key to success in social networking.

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