Online MLM Sponsoring – Get Active in the Social Networks

be active in social networking communities for MLM successThe third step to successful online mlm sponsoring is perhaps the easiest step in the process, but sometime the hardest to grasp properly. I say that because the tendency is to just jump in to the social networks and start recruiting, and that simply does not work.

The best network to begin with is Facebook, because that is where the most people are. Some opportunity seekers, when they find a potential sponsor online, will check Facebook to learn more about them (just one reason you need to be active there).

Going into all the details about how to effectively use Facebook as a networking and relationship building tool is beyond the scope of this post, but here are the three main things you need to begin with.

First, set up your account using your real name. Use a real photo of yourself, and make it reasonably professional – that picture of you from the New Year’s Eve party might not be the best choice.   🙂

Second, spend some time filling in your profile. Don’t reveal private details you feel uncomfortable sharing with everyone, just put in the basics about your interests, your passions, whatever you might share with new friends in the offline world. This step is important because a complete profile tells prospects a lot about you, while a bare or non-existent profile does nothing to help people get a feel for who you are.

Third, start looking for friends. There are many ways to do this. Join groups in Facebook related to your interests. Visit blogs of other network marketers and click the links that say something like “Be My Friend on Facebook” – lots of networkers openly invite people to be their friend. If you want, seek out people that you went to school with, and invite them to join your network. There are lots of possibilities.

Now, a quick side note about Facebook and other social networks – the idea here is build relationships and make friends. Your primary purpose is not to recruit. Here is the BIG SECRET that many miss: if you treat people as friends and show an interest in them, they will be naturally drawn to you and will at some point check your profile and learn more about you and your business, and perhaps contact you if the timing is right for them.

Avoid doing what many Facebook newbies do – don’t start making friends and sending out messages with invitations to visit your opportunity page or some webinar that is basically a presentation of your business. It’s great to invite your friends to webinars and such IF you are providing truly useful content and not just an opportunity pitch.

Set up your blog so that your new posts are automatically posted to your Facebook updates. Look for helpful information of interest to people building a home business and post it. Have some favorite inspirational quotes? Share them.

All of this is just the beginning – but if you get this foundation set up and going, you are positioned to move on to more advanced strategies and take advantage of your growing online presence.

Your initial goal is not to recruit lots of people online, but rather to establish yourself as a leader and attractive sponsor, and begin building a solid reputation. You must do this first, before anything else you do will be truly effective. Work your business offline as well, as you establish your online credibility and build trust.

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  1. Great series of posts you put together, Eldon!

    This definitly sets you aside as a leader and teacher… 🙂
    Having the foundations set for Social Media on one platform (e.g. Facebook) then don’t miss out to duplicate this on other platforms too… LinkedIn, MLM networking SM Sites and many others are around and have prbably more targeted audiences available. This came to my mind when I finished your post and is a great advise I learned to know.

    Thx again for this awesome value you provided with this series of posts.

    All the best,


    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Alex,

      Thank you!

      Good point. It is best to focus on one social media platform (Facebook for example) first and then move on to others gradually as time permits.

  2. Hi Eldon,
    Great post about how a social media campaign should look like.Being authentic in your profile description ,honnest and always looking to provide balue will atract people to you.As the time pass,many will become your business partners. Agree with you here:one social media platform is enough in the beginning.I took Facebook at the moment.

    Thanks for sharing!Look forward for more of your posts.

    All the best,

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