Network Marketing Success by Magic?

can a network marketing business be built by magic?If you’ve sponsored a few people in your network marketing business, you’ve probably had one or two who signed up and proceeded to do absolutely nothing. You scratch your head, because sometime this just doesn’t make sense.

What happens is that some people have a desire to build a home business, but they are not prepared to do the work. They think that somehow, someway, the kit or business materials they left over on the table will magically come to life and make them rich. Or, they simply don’t have a clue what they need to do. Many have great intentions, but lack direction.

This is where you step in. Your new associates need help getting started. Some will require very specific guidance until they get a feel for what they need to do. Your job is to help them to get started successfully, set realistic expectations, and develop a plan to reach their chosen goals for their network marketing business.

When talking to prospects who are ready to join, I have found that the best practice is to let them know (before they sign up) what it will take to build their business, and give them some detail about the first steps they will need to take. Be sure they understand what they will need to do in order to be successful. This will help them have some direction when they first sign up, and make it easier for them to get off to a good start.

Be aware that despite your best efforts to help them get started, some prospects will sign up and do nothing. Some will disappear and you’ll never hear from them again. Don’t let this get you down, because it happens in all  network marketing businesses. It’s strange when someone signs up and starts with a bang, lots of enthusiasm, but then drops out of sight completely. I’ve seen it happen a few times.

Every once in a while, you’ll have someone sign up and almost seem to think “ok I signed up, where is my bonus check?” For some reason, they expect someone else to build their business for them, or for the business to just build itself, again as if by magic. This is why it’s important to set realistic expectations for your network marketing business prospects, even before they sign up.

A few years ago, I knew a guy who worked multiple network marketing opportunities. He lucked out and sponsored a genuine “heavy hitter” into one of them. Then he just sat back and expected to get rich, while spending all his time working on new deals that came out.

This is an amazing story. Here is the link if you’d like to read it.

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