Give Your Network Marketing Team a Fast Start

network marketing teamYour network marketing team – the people you sponsor into your business – is your most valuable asset.

These are the people who will consume and sell your products. They will talk to people and sponsor them. They will help you grow your MLM business and make money.

It makes sense, then, to do all you can to help them get off to a fast start. Unfortunately, some people you sponsor will get started and then drop out all too soon.

What can you do to help them stick and establish a growing business?

Help your network marketing team members start making money right away.

A lot of people start their MLM business with great intentions, but put off getting started and lose some of their initial enthusiasm. It’s very important to get in touch with new associates in your downline as soon as they sign up, and provide training to help them get things moving.

You need to work with them through the initial learning curve and help them start getting paid quickly. The first 2-3 months after they join your downline are critical. If they haven’t started making enough money in that time to see some hope ($200-$500 per month typically), they may get discouraged and move on to something else. That’s the nature of the business today. With tons of other home business opportunities and potential ways to make money just a Google search away, some will lose focus and leave your team for another opportunity.

Help them get into profit quickly and they are much more likely to hang in and keep going. Sometime, people just need cash in their pocket before they believe that they can actually make money with a particular opportunity.

If your objective is to earn a full-time income and more in network marketing, you will need quite a few people sponsored into your downline over time. However, you can’t do it alone. If you are the only person in your group who is actively sponsoring, you won’t get the long-term growth and income you desire. It’s essential to get involved with training your new people right away.

Here are some things to consider.

  • it’s critical to reach out and start training your new network marketing team members immediately
  • avoid just pointing them to training videos and walking away – a personal touch is important
  • focus on helping them take actions necessary to start making money their first month
  • guide and help them get started, but don’t babysit – help them get momentum then let them fly

One point above that I want to emphasize – avoid just pointing them to training videos and walking away – a personal touch is important. Your team may have the ultimate online “success university” or whatever, and sending your new recruits there is important. However, please don’t forget the personal touch. If someone signs up and shows an eagerness to learn and achieve, be there to help them through the training and get them started making money.

Do your best. You’ll have people sign up who talk a big game, but never produce a single result. Some will sign up and disappear, never responding to your attempts to contact them. Others will gripe and complain and blame everyone but themselves when they don’t make any money.

Take it all in stride. The success of your network marketing team will be determined by the efforts of many. Your job is to be there in the beginning. Help them get started and get some cash in their pocket quickly. This will make a huge difference in your business.

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