Online MLM Sponsoring – Building Relationships That Count

build relationships with your mlm prospects with your blogThe key to successful online MLM sponsoring is building relationships with prospects. I know that sounds terribly obvious, but the reality is that many MLM business builders do not want to do this.

Many seem to just want to use traditional “selling” techniques, or persuasion, even though they may think they are not sales people. This business certainly does require sales and marketing, but it’s more than that alone.

How to Build Relationships with Online Business Prospects

Here is the first step for successful online MLM sponsoring. It’s all about building relationships with people you meet  online, or those who visit your blog, perhaps through a Google search.

Step One – Create Your Own Blog as Your Home Base

This is very important, because people who click links that you leave in profiles and  different places want to see more about who you are and what you’re about. If your link takes them to a replicated website that your company provides, which shows a video and details of your business, the odds of you catching that prospect’s interest goes way down.

Worst case, they’ve seen it before and may think of you as another  “newbie” who is peddling a business opportunity online. Best case, they might take an interest and learn a little about your business, but what if they take the next logical step? Many people, when they find an interesting opportunity, will “Google” it and do some looking around. In the process, they are likely to find someone else in your company who has set up a blog that promotes them as a leader, tells a bit about them, and establishes trust. Who do you think they are more likely to contact?

So, the point is that you need your own blog to promote yourself. A WordPress blog is the best choice, because it is easy to set up and create your content, and the search engines love blogs. Period. My approach was to set up a blog that focuses on network marketing, social media marketing, and Internet marketing all pulled together into one big strategy for success. Your blog can start out much simpler than that, and you can build on it as you gain experience in your business.

Many people start blogs for personal branding and just talk about their business, why they do it, what they’ve learned as they go along. The idea isn’t necessarily to show that you know a lot of stuff, but rather to give potential prospects a way to see who you are, and differentiate you from the crowd. Standing out from the crowd very critical to your success.

There are many good courses and tutorials about setting up your own blog for personal branding. Shoot me an email and I’ll respond with some recommendations for courses that I think cover the bases well.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the second step to online MLM sponsoring success – this one will help you get lots of leads and interested prospects today and in the future. Ongoing and powerful!

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