Should You Argue With MLM Opportunity Skeptics?

mlm opportunity non-believer and skepticFor many people, pursuing financial and personal freedom with an MLM opportunity offers genuine hope for a brighter future. This is a business that virtually anyone can start, even on a limited budget, and create a long term residual income working part time from their home.

On the other hand, there will always will be strong MLM opportunity skeptics. These are people who just don’t like the business model, feel like they got ripped off by one, or maybe they have a friend who lost money or ended up with a room full of products they couldn’t sell or give away.

The reality is that you’ll encounter people with strong negative opinions of MLM. You can meet them in person while prospecting locally, or on the Internet. Some people (both pro-MLM and anti-MLM) are drawn to discussions and debate, and there is plenty of that out there on various message boards and forums.

As you are out and about prospecting for your business, you will meet people who:

  • just don’t like MLM and network marketing
  • feel compelled to argue and debate with anyone who brings it up
  • enjoy trying to set you straight and save you from something

They will let you know how they feel, and some will try to draw you in to discussion and debate about it. Others might just say something negative or rude and leave it at that. People who are this opinionated are the minority, but if you aren’t ready for them, they can really tear your attitude down. Know that you will meet some of them if you’re prospecting enough.

Should you try to discuss the merits of MLM and network marketing with people who are negative about it, in an effort to persuade these people that your MLM opportunity is different? Do you assume they think that all MLM is “just like Amway used to be” back in the old days and want to set the record straight? Are you so pumped on your business that you just can’t believe anyone could put it down?

I know it can be very tempting to discuss and debate, especially if you’re talking to someone who is outgoing and has lots of friends, someone you think would be a perfect fit for your business if they only understood. My thought is to avoid engaging in debates like this. This is a debate you will likely not win, and it just drains the energy out of you.

When I meet someone who is clearly biased against our business, I simply thank them for their time and move on. There are just too many prospects out there who are open minded and anxious to make money from home. You want to spend your valuable time finding these people. This is who you want to spend time with.

Now, all that said, when you meet a confirmed MLM opportunity skeptic do avoid arguing and debating but don’t necessarily write that person off forever. People do change their mind. Sometime life changes things. If they are a friend or acquaintance, just maintain a professional and confident posture and move on for now, but stay in touch.

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