Starting a Network Marketing Business With Financial Pressure

photo of man under financial pressureSometime people are interested in starting a network marketing business because they need money. I mean, money right now.

A prospect sent me an email recently asking about start up costs, and what it would take to put up a web site, in this case to promote and sell products. He made the following comment at the close of the email. How would you respond to this?

I have a full time job and work a part time job in the evenings and still don’t make enough to pay my bills on time.

There are two immediate challenges this man would likely have, in addition to the usual challenges of starting and building a profitable network marketing business.

  • serious lack of time to work a home business
  • financial pressures that will likely be distracting

In addition, with a lack of enough money to pay the bills on time, where would money come from for basic promotional materials and even inexpensive paid advertising?

I know some might feel differently, but in a case like this, I would have a hard time recommending that this person sign up. Perhaps if they had exceptional drive and enthusiasm, and a clear understanding of what it would take to build a network marketing business in this situation, it would be a different story.

Perhaps someone willing to do a lot of legwork and product retailing, and able somehow to find enough time between the jobs, could pull it off. For most, I believe it would be futile until they could improve their situation – possibly by getting a higher paying job and eliminating the part time job.

Sometime, we do such a great job of “selling the dream” that we attract people desperate for money who just aren’t prepared to build a business. It’s hard to do the right things for building a home based income, and have the patience it requires, when you work long hours and have overdue bills to pay. Not to mention, maybe a family to take care of as well.

I believe the best approach in this case is always – be open and honest. Tell the prospect what it’s going to take. If your opportunity offers a product that can be retailed for a decent profit, you can show them how to make enough each month to help out, even if their time is limited.

If there isn’t a good fit between what it takes to make money in your network marketing business and their circumstances, I feel it’s better to be truthful and leave the door open for the future. Things sometime do change and get better, and people will respect and remember you for being honest with them.

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