Network Marketing – Getting Out of the Starting Blocks

get your network marketing business up and runningIf you’ve just started a new network marketing business, you’re probably quite excited and enthused about getting everything in place before you begin actually talking to people and building your business.

I can’t argue with proper preparation and organization – it’s essential to success in your business. You do need to spend some time getting familiar with your opportunity and your products.

You do need to have realistic goals for your network marketing business and a plan for achieving them.

The one thing I want to caution you about, though, is what I call “over preparation” and “paralysis by analysis”. Many well intentioned network marketers have fallen into this trap, and ended up accomplishing little while meaning well.

How can you spot the symptoms of over preparation?

  • spending lots of time planning ways to do your business, flip-flopping from one idea to another
  • organizing your workspace and your “stuff” repeatedly, always trying to get it a little better
  • spending lots of your spare time daydreaming…about what you are fixing to do…
  • reading…and reading…and reading information about building a network marketing business

Planning, organizing, daydreaming and visualizing, and reading are all great things that can help you achieve success. The problem is when you consume too much valuable time doing these things.

This happens sometime when people lack confidence in their business, or in their ability to actually get it going. It can also come from fear. Doing all the planning and thinking and reading and daydreaming can actually make you feel like you’re accomplishing something, but in reality you are just staying parked at the same moment in time – just about ready to get started – and you never leave that moment behind and actually start.

The only way to make money and have success with a network marketing business is connecting with people. Prospect. Generate some leads and talk to them. Take some action that puts your opportunity in front of someone who is interested. Endless planning and preparation can stop you cold and prevent you from ever doing these things.

If you feel this is you, get with your sponsor or someone in your upline who is having success building a business. Let them help you create an action plan, and ask them to “mentor” you and hold you accountable. I promise, if you do this, you’ll have a real shot at success with your network marketing business. It’s taking the right action that makes it happen.

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