MLM Prospecting – Lead With Products or Compensation?

When talking about effective MLM prospecting, one of the most debated questions I hear is, “when approaching prospects, should I lead with the products or the compensation?” In other words, when seeking to interest people in your opportunity, should you introduce them to your products first and then lead them to details about your business …Read More

The Key to Choosing the Best MLM Opportunity for You

Whether you’re trying to choose your first MLM opportunity, or you’ve been in the business a while and are looking at different options, there are a few things you need to check out and evaluate. There is a lot of advice out there for choosing a business, and much of it emphasizes some of the …Read More

Lead With MLM Products or Opportunity?

I’ve been involved in many different discussions over time about whether it makes more sense, when promoting your network marketing business, to lead with (focus on) your MLM products when talking to prospects, or your income opportunity. I have to admit it’s a fascinating topic, and I’ve found that many people are hard core believers …Read More