Understanding Google Analytics Reports

If you have your own blog or website for personal branding or promoting your MLM network marketing business, you may have chosen to install Google Analytics. Understanding Google Analytics reports will give you a lot of clues about the health and overall appeal of your site to visitors. Analytics is a very powerful script for …Read More

Breathe New Life Into Your Old MLM Blog Posts

Do you have your own MLM blog to tell your story and help  spread the word about your business opportunity? Why is blogging the big thing these days? Why are so many people abandoning traditional static HTML sites and moving to the WordPress platform? While traditional websites still have their place, and blogs aren’t perfect …Read More

3 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

If you have a blog for personal branding or to promote your home business, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to increase blog traffic. It’s always good advice to post your link in all your social media profiles, and be visible in online communities where your target market hangs out. Those are good tips …Read More