The OTHER Benefit of Network Marketing

the other major benefit of mlm and network marketingIf I ask you about the major benefits of starting and building a network marketing business, what comes to mind right away?

Making money…getting free of a job you hate…firing your boss…financial independence…these are some of the things that you’ll hear when people discuss the benefits of network marketing.

There is more to consider, though. There is an additional benefit that reaches far beyond just a home business and any money you make or any personal and financial freedom you achieve.

That benefit is…

Personal Growth! The skills and mindset required to be successful in a network marketing home business will enhance your life and help you in many areas outside of your business. Consider just a few of the things that building a prosperous MLM business will bring to the table for you.

  • enhanced “people” skills – learning how to work in harmony and unison with others as a team
  • improved communication skills – especially learning to listen
  • a better appreciation of the relationship between work and reward
  • a greater ability to “stick with it” and see things through to successful completion
  • an overall attitude adjustment and mindset that attracts success and prosperity

You see, one of the great secrets to success in this business is understanding that network marketing is an “easy” business in one sense, and not quite so easy in another.

In terms of the basic business model, and understanding the simple things you need to do for success, it’s an easy business.

In terms of what it takes to achieve better than average success, there is a certain discipline and mindset that isn’t always easy for people to achieve. This is why you hear, so often, about the importance of listening to motivational and personal growth audios and reading books about success and achievement.  You have to “work on yourself”, so to speak, and keep growing.

To make it, you have to keep moving forward and step outside of your comfort zone frequently. This is not easy for many people, but just about anyone can do it if they really want to.

So, in essence, what I’m saying is that the OTHER benefit of a network marketing business is personal growth and discipline that will help you in all other areas of your life. It’s a winning situation. Are you willing to step out, take some risk, and allow yourself to grow?

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  1. Hi Eldon,

    I found your blog through the top 100 network marketing blogs. I have found your content to be helpful and I like your writing style as you explain things in a systematic way. Your comment concerning the other benefit of network marketing in that it helps you grow in your personal development by having to step out of your comfort zone and grow as a person is very true. I discussed this in my article…….—Face-Your-Fears&id=5367641

    Thanks again.

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