The Wired World of Online Network Marketing

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It is stunning how quickly technology has changed the world of network marketing and MLM in the last 20 years. I’ve seen many changes during this time, as I had the privilege of being one of the first to use online technology to attract and sponsor new people into my business.

Back in 1990, there was no World Wide Web or Internet as we know it now. I had a top of the line Apple IIe computer with 128K of RAM and a 300 baud modem. For non-techies, that is very little memory and an extremely slow connection by modern broadband standards. But it worked and served a purpose.

We had three major online services at that time – CompuServe, GEnie, and America Online. These were text based. There were no pretty pictures and images like you expect today. It was text, graphics cleverly crafted from asterisks and percentage signs, and databases.

I was most active on the CompuServe “Work From Home” forum, which was hosted by Paul and Sarah Edwards (noted work from home business experts and authors of many excellent books on the subject). There were quite a few network marketers online there, and we contributed and became a part of the community. As a natural result, over time, we met people through the forum who wanted to earn extra income, and many of them became a part of our respective teams. This was just the beginning of the digital revolution that changed the face of network marketing and MLM forever.

Network Marketing the Old Way

Before venturing online and checking email became a daily ritual for many of us, network marketing was pretty much done in a predictable fashion. You typically learned about an opportunity through a local friend or relative, and attended a presentation either in a hotel meeting room or someone’s home. If you chose to sign up, you became part of a local group that might meet once or twice a month for training as well as “opportunity nights” where you brought your prospects to learn more about your business.

This routine served its purpose well. It tended to create a sense of cohesiveness among people in the group, and for those truly interested in building a network marketing business,  it helped them maintain focus and encouraged loyalty to the business. You really didn’t have competing opportunities in your face all the time, as the occasional recruiting postcard or newspaper ad was about all most people would run into.

Network Marketing Today

The “wired world” has changed network marketing and MLM permanently. It will never go back to the old ways. In many respects, this is excellent news for you! Opportunity for reaching prospects and getting the word out is greater than ever. On the other hand, network marketers now face new challenges as a result of this revolution in communication and technology.

To be successful in this wired age of online network marketing, you must:

  • be open and honest about your opportunity – interested prospects can investigate your business and claims in a fashion unheard of just a few years ago
  • avoid promoting your network marketing opportunity with hype and exaggerated hoopla – it just doesn’t cut it anymore
  • focus on your prospects’ needs and goals for a business, not yours – they are in control, and have many choices

The ultimate key to success in network marketing today – focus on attraction marketing and build relationships. Your prospect is a human being with emotions and needs just like yours. How they are treated and respected will go a long way toward determining who they choose to partner with in a network marketing home business.

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