Use Tribe Marketing to Get More Traffic & Leads

social tribe marketing for mlm and network marketing bloggersTribe marketing can help you get more traffic to your blog, and in the process more leads for your network marketing business.

Are you looking for a quick way to get more people to visit your MLM blog?

Do you want to expose your business to more real people who will see your content and possibly become future business partners?

Social tribe marketing can give you a big boost and help you get more exposure all over the Internet. It will also help your blog and other content rank higher in Google searches over time.

There are various systems out there designed to help your content get bookmarked, tweeted, Facebook liked, stumbled, and all those other good things that add up to help make your blog more visible. Exposure IS the name of this game.

One such system that I’m familiar with is SYNND. This is an automated service that does social bookmarking and other forms of social media promotion automatically. What you do is set up campaigns, tell SYNND what you want it to do, then walk away. I’ve used it with some success, however, there is a downside to this type of promotion for network marketers.

The downside is that automated systems which are run strictly by robots won’t get you much “real people” exposure. They might eventually help you gain higher search engine rankings and exposure, but don’t do much to encourage real visitors in the process.

This is why I like, and recommend, the two social tribe marketing communities below that are excellent for networkers. While some of the social sharing in these communities is automated, you are still connecting and having the opportunity to meet real people with like minded thoughts and ambitions.


TribePro is a very effective content syndication system. Basically, if you have content you want to promote, you  join the community and begin helping other members promote their content by sharing it across various social media sites.  By doing this, you are earning “share points” so that you can enter your own content into the system and have other members promoting YOUR blog posts, videos, articles, whatever you want.

While many members do this promotion by  sharing content manually (submitting to one social site at a time), TribePro also has an automated option that lets you use Onlywire to syndicate other members’ content and build up share points quickly. All in all a very slick, fast, and highly automated process when you have it all set up  that STILL gives you plenty of opportunity to meet other networkers and home business people and begin forming mutually beneficial relationships.

TSA Mastery

TSA Mastery is also a very effective tribe marketing content syndication system. It isn’t as automated, yet, as TribePro but the developers are working tirelessly to upgrade the system and I’ve been seeing some exciting developments recently. With TSA, the process of syndicating other members’ content is done manually. They maintain a master spreadsheet online where you are placed in different groups each week, with the idea being to focus on networking with and promoting the content of your group members that week.

One great thing about TSA Mastery is that they encourage you to earn points by commenting on other members’ blog posts. In fact, to reach the “elite” groups (equals more exposure), you must comment on blog posts. This is excellent for gaining additional social exposure for your content, over and above what you gain from other types of sharing (bookmarking, tweeting, etc.)

I use both of these tribe marketing systems and find that they complement each other very well. There is a time investment here to do this right, but frankly, exposure and visitors is what you MUST have for success online and this is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get it done.

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