Link Building Strategies for Your Home Business Blog

link building strategiesThere are so many link building strategies out there, it can be very confusing for new home business bloggers who are trying to understand how all this works.

Since you want your blog to appear in searches for keywords that are relevant to your niche and the topics you blog about, link building strategies are important. All the search engines use links back to your blog as a primary indicator of how popular and relevant your content is to your niche. The more quality backlinks you have back to your content, the better your odds of appearing high in searches.

Now, here is the catch to traditional theories about getting links to your blog. The traditional wisdom is, “create great content and people will want to link to it naturally”. That is quite true. However, when your blog is brand new, the odds of getting people to naturally link back to you are slim. It’s kind of like the old theory about getting a loan – the more you need the loan, the harder it is to get it. I’m sure you know what I mean.

There are a number of simple link building strategies that will help you start getting some attention and help get your content spidered and indexed by Google and other engines. The value of these types of incoming links is low, in the sense that you need a lot of them on a steady basis. Just a few here and there won’t help you.

To help get your new home business blog noticed by search engines, here are three initial link building strategies to start out with.

Social Media Syndication

This is about distributing your content (with links back to your blog) across a wide variety of social bookmarking and sharing sites. Getting enough of these links will help search engines find and index your content, and will also help begin the process of building some authority for your blog.

There are a number of automated submitters on the market that do a decent job of submitting your links to various social bookmarking and content sharing sites, but I can’t recommend them. You have to use various tricks (like proxy servers) to make it appear that the various accounts are being created by different people, among other things, and they just aren’t that effective for what you want to do. I have found that tribe marketing works much better than automated submissions software or services. In this article, I describe the best two social media syndication communities that I know of, and I’m active in both.

Blog Commenting

The value in blog commenting these days is more for the actual opportunity for people to see your link and click to visit your site. While the backlinks do have some SEO value, the secret to making blog commenting worthwhile is to look for high traffic blogs in your niche where a lot of people are actively commenting, and participate there. This will get more eyeballs on you and increase your chance of getting visitors and potential prospects for your business.

Recycle Your Articles and Posts

When you take time to create a good post on your blog, assuming it has educational value (or is entertaining), repurpose it. Use it to create other types of content based on the same topic. Here are some tips for repurposing your blog posts and getting more backlinks to your content.

These three link building strategies are a good start. Getting your new home business blog indexed in ranked in searches is hard work, but well worth it. Once you get established, after a few weeks or months, it gets much easier.

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  1. SEO Experts Academy says:

    I agree on your point ” While the backlinks do have some SEO value, the secret to making blog commenting worthwhile is to look for high traffic blogs in your niche where a lot of people are actively commenting, and participate there. ”
    Thanks for your hard work.


  2. Dewane Mutunga says:


    I agree, linkbuilding is a very important and effective way to grow one’s blog. You’ve outlined some great ways to build back links, all methods that I use myself and can vouch for. Thanks for this refreshing info!

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