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unique article wizard reviewThis Unique Article Wizard review is about an online article distribution service that helps you build backlinks to your site and increase exposure for your network marketing business or whatever product or service you are selling.

Since it is a web based application, there is no software to download and the service does the work of setting up accounts for you and managing the distribution process.

It is possible to create your articles and upload them to article directories and content publishers manually, but the time investment for doing that in a big way is significant. Using an article distribution service makes the whole process much faster, easier, and more efficient.

My purpose in writing this Unique Article Wizard review is not to go into great detail about all the features and benefits of the service and article marketing in general. Rather, my intention is to give you an idea of why I use it and encourage you to check it out, to see if it meets your needs.

In a nutshell, the process for successful article marketing goes like this.

  • find the keywords that your target market searches for on Google
  • write articles focused on each of these keywords
  • spin the articles to create hundreds or thousands of unique variations
  • submit through an article distribution service like UAW

The result will be hundreds of links back to your site, which helps your search engine rankings, but many of your articles will be published on blogs and other places where people will actually read them and click your link to visit your site.

As its name suggests, UAW is designed to only submit unique variations of your article, and it makes this simple without you having to use spinning syntax (spintax). What you do is submit three versions of your article (three rewritten variations of each paragraph) and UAW then rotates and mixes your paragraphs to produce unique variations for publication. No two submissions of your article to a directory or blog will ever be identical.

While you can do this without using spintax, to get the most effective and unique variations, it is suggested that you do so. You can use a program like the Best Spinner to create these spun variations. The reason you want the highest uniqueness possible is that search engines normally will not index multiple copies of articles if they see them as virtually identical in content.

There are automated article submitter programs on the market that are one-time purchases (no monthly fees) and they seem to have an advantage over a service like UAW which charges a monthly fee. While the one time purchase cost is attractive, there are some things to consider.

Automated programs are typically set up to submit to hundreds or thousands of “auto-approve” directories. This means that they accept everything, and the overall quality of these directories is low. Your content is not likely to be seen by human eyes, and the value of the backlinks from these directories is low. It takes a ton of them to even make a small dent in your ranking and exposure.

Because most Unique Article Wizard submissions will be manually approved after distribution by the target directories and blogs, they will be reviewed by humans at UAW before being sent out. This helps ensure that your articles meet the standards necessary to get approved at most of the human reviewed (higher quality) directories that they submit to.

Another advantage is that UAW has a free service that lets blog owners install a plugin and publish unique content related to their niche, taken directly from UAW submissions. This gives your content a good chance of being read and acted on by real prospects (they click your link in the resource box). Just this feature alone gives your content a much better chance of actually producing what you really need – more visitors to your blog or website.

To conclude this Unique Article Wizard review, I can highly recommend this service if you are actively using article marketing to promote your home business. By active, I mean creating and submitting content at least 3-4 times a week. If you are only writing a couple articles a month, the current $67 per month cost for UAW may not be a good investment for you. This is a service for serious article marketers.

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