Why Do You Want a Network Marketing Business?

network marketing businessWhy do you want to build a network marketing business?

If you’ve been involved with an opportunity for a while, and stuck with it, you know that it isn’t always as easy as some people lead you to believe.

Network marketing IS a simple business, and you can make a lot of money, but it does take focus and consistent effort to make it happen. Wouldn’t you agree?

A lot is said and written about motivation, inspiration, and finding your “why” for starting and achieving success with a network marketing business. I’m talking about a focus on creating a full-time income and beyond, not just doing the business as a hobby.

Many people enjoy working a business to make some extra money to help with expenses. There is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is shooting for a full time income and financial independence. Many love their jobs and are content with their career, and choose to build a side business as more of a supplement to their regular income than anything else.

If your focus is on creating wealth and independence through network marketing, though, it takes a high level of commitment and significant persistence and drive to make it happen. It’s important to take time to reflect on why you want a network marketing business, and why you are willing to sacrifice and put in the time and effort to make it work.

Do you ever feel discouraged, and wonder why you’re doing this? Have you felt like quitting? You’d be surprised how many of the top income earners in network marketing have thought about quitting when they were so near hitting momentum and experiencing exponential earnings growth in their business.

Over the weekend, I enjoyed a conversation with a friend who has a long track record of success in MLM, and who is a bona fide six figure income earner year in and year out. For someone who is a consistent top income earner in his company, you would never think of him as a quitter in any way. However, he admitted there were several times that he questioned his sanity and commitment, and wondered if all the work and sacrifice was really worth it. He mentioned that more than once, along the path to reaching this level of success, he thought about tossing it and doing something else.

When you think about giving up, stop and visualize why you are pursuing a network marketing business in the first place. I often think back to a vacation our family took in Arkansas a few years ago. We stayed in a log cabin that was situated in a secluded area away from the highway and the noise of everyday life.

Each morning, I would wake up around 6:00 AM and make some coffee, then head out to a small wooden table on the porch where I could set up my laptop and do some blogging and responding to emails. A busy squirrel feeder was nearby, and the birds chirping as the sun slipped through the trees announcing a new day brought an incredible peace and relaxation that was priceless.

I fondly remember the time we spent up there, and how “right” it felt. One of my motivations has been to travel and spend more time in places like that, and my network marketing business makes that possible.

How about you? What inspires you to “keep on keeping on” when you feel frustrated and discouraged with your business?

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  1. I had the chance to work from home for a while… and I’ve never been more productive, worked more hours, or been more relaxed in my life.
    I’m divorced from my son’s mom, and it’s important to stay active in their lives. Being in charge of my schedule meant I could be there for the school assemblies, baseball games, doctor’s visits, and it all. And I was doing what I loved.
    Sure, there’s the income that can come with Network Marketing. And I love helping people and sharing their excitement. But, my driving factor is to be as involved in my son’s lives as I possibly can – in a way a ‘job’ and the fixed schedule won’t allow.

  2. Inspiring as always Eldon … what motivates me is my vision to travel more, but not in the way most people think of travel. I spent nearly 30 years in the travel industry traveling all over the world – it was awesome, and I’m grateful for every moment of it. Now however, I long to hit the roads of America – something my family used to do every summer when I was growing up. I’ve seen enough of the country to know I’d like to see more – having the ability to live a “laptop lifestyle” and work online while I take to the road is what keeps me motivated!

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Same here Marquita, I love to travel and just “get away” without having to worry about money and being tied to only certain days I can go. It’s definitely a motivator – I believe it’s spelled

    F-R-E-E-D-O-M 🙂

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