What If Your MLM Business Was Your Job?

should your mlm business be treated like your job?Is your MLM business your job? Should it be?

I’d like to share an interesting perspective that applies regardless of what your opportunity is or what products you represent. This is especially important if you’re struggling to have success and are wondering if you’re really doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

Most people will start an MLM business part time, while continuing to work their regular full time job. This is the way it was designed, because by nature an MLM network marketing business takes time to develop. You’ll spend more time and money in the beginning than you make, most likely, and many of the highly anticipated rewards of this business (especially residual income) will take time to develop.

If you’re struggling to make money and actually take the action that your upline mentors have told you is required for success, think about it this way.

What if your MLM business was your job? What if your job description was “enroll customers and new distributors to make money for the company”? What if your job required you, daily, to do the following tasks?

  • contact potential customers or distributors for your company’s product
  • give presentations to people you’ve set appointments with from prior connections
  • enroll at least one of those prospects as a new customer or distributor every week

Assume you are getting paid a nice salary for doing these things, and all you have to do is “get it done”.

The above tasks are pretty much what you need to do in your MLM business. If this were your JOB, would you be commended, or fired?

If you’re thinking “fired”, then this is food for thought. Perhaps this nails the reason you’re struggling. With all of our busyness these days, It’s easy to put off and set aside the things you should be doing daily to build your group and make the money you should be making. I’ve done my share of that in the past, so I am speaking from experience.

My point is this – if you’re really and truly motivated to build your MLM business big and actually make money, you must take it as seriously as you would take a job that provides you a steady paycheck. If you let up or slack on your job, you stand to lose it. If you let up on your business, you may not make any money and can easily end up spinning your wheels feeling frustrated and stuck.

Bottom line – treat your MLM business as seriously as a job, and watch it start developing and making money for you.

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  1. Hi Eldon,

    It is so essential to think of our mlm business or whatever it may be as a job – or even better as a real business.

    I’m full time on my business and I don’t see how I could be anything else and still succeed. I think a lot of people see it as a hobby and this rarely works out… if it was a real job they would be fired!!!

    Great post!

    Emma 🙂

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Emma,

      That’s exactly my point – even if you only have an hour a day for your business, look at it from the perspective “if this was my job would I be commended for fired”? I think that can be a real eye opener. 🙂

  2. James Soares says:

    Great Article! Many people do not spend enough amount of time or follow up on their business and then wonder why they are not successful?

    This is a business and should be treated as such. Taking it from somebody who now does MLM full time. I have put in 16 hour days from a full time job then coming home to work on my network marketing opportunity. It took a year and a half in order for me to supplement my income and now enjoy my life at home…

    Good Luck to your visitors!!!

  3. Laura Craciun says:

    Hi Eldon,
    You are right!I saw many people failing because they put their job first,they don’t take their MLM business seriously and they find excuses like “I don’t have time” etc. I think the problem is that most people are used to work for somebody else and to depend on a salary so they don’t understand what is a business. It’s very important to treat your MLM business as seriously as a job.
    Great article!

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Laura, appreciate your visit! True, when you’ve been in the regular job market for a while, it can be hard to get past the concept of exchanging x amount of work for x dollars. Sometime it’s hard to grasp how different earning income with a business is.

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