What is Google PageRank and What Does it Mean to You?

What does Google PR mean to you?PageRank (PR) is Google’s proprietary method for determining a web page’s relevance and importance based in large part on the quality of other sites linking to it. Nobody knows for sure how Google calculates PageRank, but Internet marketers in general consider it a major indicator of a site’s popularity and favor in Google’s eyes.

What does PR mean to you as a network marketer? Assuming you have a blog or website as your personal “home base” on the Internet, you’ll certainly want to create content people will consider interesting enough to link to from their own sites. Also, everywhere you go in social media, you’re typically leaving links back to your website or blog in your signature or profile. Over time, these will be picked up by Google and may be used to help calculate your PageRank.

If you’ve wondered how Google determines the “page rank” for your home business website or blog, and what it all means from Google’s perspective, take some time to view this presentation by Matt Cutts. Matt is a well-known and highly followed member of Google’s team who speaks quite often on subjects related to being found in Google searches, and best practices for promoting a website or blog.

This video gives very interesting insight into factors that Google considers when evaluating your website or blog. In other words, How to Rank Better in Google! It’s well worth your time if you want to understand more about what it takes to rank high in search results!

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  1. Rachael Macgregor MLM Secrets says:

    wow, thanks for sharing that Eldon! That’s going to help a lot of people understand what all the fuss is about 🙂

  2. Hi Elden,
    thanks for the video, great info here. Some basic info that is huge and easy to forget but proper when applied.


  3. Eldon Beard says:

    The main thing here is not so much to learn the mechanics and detail of how PR is calculated, but rather to catch the comments Matt makes about good blogging practices…things that Google looks for…

  4. Hi Eldon
    Thanks for sharing that great information..I have always tried to figure out how to get a page rank and now understand it more..at least my blog looks better than the first blog shown…working on it. cheers. Heres to blogging for better rankings…

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