Why Some People Don’t Make Money in Network Marketing

making money in network marketing and mlmI have a prospect for my network marketing business who recently presented me with a challenging question.

We have an automated followup system that sends information about our business to people who have requested it.

Every few days, our prospects get a success story, or maybe an illustration of how they can make money or become financially independent with our business.

I have one particular prospect who has been in the system for quite a while – let’s call him James. This gentleman has apparently been in several MLM and network marketing opportunities over the last few years, hasn’t had any success, and definitely has acquired a negative attitude. After one of his emails, I even replied and asked him why he was staying on our list if he felt as he did about network marketing in general.

Yesterday, James received one of our followup emails that told the story of a successful associate who was making really good money with our business and having a blast. After receiving this latest followup, he wrote to me and asked the following question.

How many aren’t making any money in network marketing?

Here is how I replied to James.

As with any home business or money making venture, most people who try aren’t going to make any money. You know that. The failure rate is high in home business opportunities because (in part) the cost of entry is very low and the commitment can be weak. It’s easy to start something for less than $100 and then quit when the first obstacle hits you in the face, or discouragement shows up.

Contrast that to investing in a franchise. If you come up with $100,000 to start a franchise, you have a better than average shot at success. With that kind of investment, you’ll take it very seriously and you’ll do “whatever it takes” to succeed. You won’t just give up if your sales and profits aren’t what you expected them to be after a few weeks. You won’t say “I quit” if people in your family or inner circle tell you (in a nice way) that you’re crazy for thinking you can make money that way.

It’s all about commitment and making a decision to do what it takes. When you only invest a few dollars to start something, you can easily discard it and never have a second thought.

Yes, success in network marketing starts with a serious commitment, and a mindset that says “I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself“.

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