Branding “You.Com” for Network Marketers

branding yourself online as a network marketing leaderIf you’re building your network marketing business online, have you purchased your own name as a domain name? If you are Melissa Smith, do you have registered?

You should. Part of achieving ultimate success in online network marketing is distinguishing yourself from all the other home business opportunity and network marketing business offers that proliferate on the Internet.

If you look around, you’ll notice that most people either depend on replicated sites provided by their company, or the create a blog with a domain name designed to get search engine traffic for some term related to their business. Some of these names can be quite awkward and very user unfriendly. For example, “” might seem like a great domain name, but does that really inspire anyone or differentiate them from the many thousands of others trying to do the same thing? I don’t think so.

By purchasing “” and building your main site around it, you begin a process of branding yourself by name and creating a distinct identity.

In your website or blog, you can start out by:

  • telling your story – why you got into network marketing in the first place
  • giving general information about your business and the benefits of building a home based income
  • inviting others to contact you and learn more about what you can offer

You can then promote this site thorough the social networks and other online communities. “Melissa Smith” can create a distinct branding and profile at “” and use that as her central point of connection with interested home business prospects.

What if your name is not available as a “dot com”? If your name is fairly popular, it might be hard to find it. Here is what I suggest looking for when is already taken.

Go to a domain name search tool like DomainsBot and try:

  • adding a dash:
  • add a common word to the end:

Other variations might be okay as well (such as using a nickname if it sounds professional),  just try to keep it simple, short, and easy to remember. Try to stick with whenever possible.

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