Why You Should Register “Your Name Dot Com” Today

register your name as a dot com domainYou might have noticed a steadily rising trend in online network marketing and direct selling home businesses.

This trend is the result of new and innovative thinking. Smart networkers and entrepreneurs have caught on and realized that a huge key to success in the overly glutted Internet marketplace is distinguishing yourself from the hundreds of thousands of others who are also promoting home business opportunities.

One smart move in this environment is creating your own “brand” or identity online. This means you don’t just go and slap up a website or blog promoting your network marketing or direct selling opportunity and merely push its benefits and income potential. Rather, you create a central site, a foundation site for your overall home business efforts where the focus is on YOU and WHO you are and WHAT you are all about.

In a world that has become increasingly impersonal (this despite all the incredible advances in communication technology), people still want to work with other people they can relate to. This means people they can feel comfortable working with and acknowledging as a leader in the business they are pursuing.

So, if you’re in network marketing or direct selling and are aiming to build a powerful and profitable business online, here are two things you need to do.

  • get involved in the social media and networking sites and consistently make new contacts
  • begin work on your own personal web site, the one where you’ll brand yourself

With that in mind, I strongly recommend you go and register yourname.com if you haven’t already. If you’re not ready to start your own personal site, you will want to register your name anyway. You will want to use it in the future.

Even if you have no plans to ever put up a blog or web site at yourname.com, consider registering it regardless because things can change, and you really want to grab your name before someone else does.

If someone already has yourname.com, consider any reasonable variations you can find, such as your-name.com with dashes between your first and last name. Definitely register the “dot com” version, and consider registering the “dot net” and “dot org” variations as well. While registering the domain names other than “dot com” isn’t absolutely necessary, it does add a little more protection to your valuable online reputation and makes it less likely anyone else will set up a website or blog using your name and be confused with you.

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  1. Thanks, Eldon, this was just what I needed. Relatively new to internet marketing, in the process of setting up the funnel, at the point of creating a blog, and then spending hours on finding a name. Blinded by someone saying ‘get your core business in the name, so it’ll show up quicker in search results’. And that’s where the waste of time started :-)… Until, when testing ‘home business coach’, I stumbled upon your blog. And you are so right! It’s not about being the umpty-thousandest home based business or mlm site, it’s what I have to offer.
    Will work with that, and show you the result one day, and link!
    Monique Cremr

  2. (I’m so excited, can’t even write my own name properly anymore, :)… the sign off should read Cremer, of course, and not Cremr)

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Monique,

    Glad my post helped you! Yes, it’s really easy to get all tied up trying to find the “perfect” domain name with your business name in it. Much better, if your business is network marketing or MLM, to create that central hub with “yourname.com” and establish your brand and credibility there. From there, you can create other sites, but this one will be the main one. You might change your business focus up the line, so having “you-inc” branded is much better than “you-a-rep-for-xyz-company”.

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