Staying Focused While Building a Network Marketing Business

building a network marketing businessBuilding a network marketing business can (and should) be fun, rewarding, and profitable.

Sometime the biggest problem you have is maintaining a focus on doing the everyday things that make your business grow. It has been my experience that lack of focus is at the root of many MLM failures.

Along with any MLM opportunity will come training as well as guidance and direction from upline leaders. I’m talking about those leaders who are successful and making the money and living the lifestyle that you’re hoping to attain.

Following the lead of people who are already successful in your opportunity is wise. Learn what they are doing, focus on the fundamentals, and find out how to do what they do. That’s a formula for success in network marketing. And, since this is a win-win business for everyone, that information is freely shared (unlike some traditional businesses where you have to climb over or work your way past others competing for the same job you want).

So, you try to follow the leaders and your business still isn’t growing? Maybe the problem is getting distracted. I’ve learned, from working with people for years, that one of the hardest parts of building a network marketing business is maintaining enough focus to get it up and going with some momentum.

Unfortunately, in our modern day, distractions are worse than ever. Major confusion and indecision is just a Google search away. We are an impatient bunch these days, and if something doesn’t come easily, we have other options at our fingertips. With instant information, straying from a focused state is quite tempting.

Here are some of the things that can distract you and destroy your network marketing business, and some tips on how to get past them.

Are You Feeling Desperate for Money?

Sometime people start building a network marketing business because they need money NOW, not later. In some cases they have been led to believe they can begin making really good money right away.

With a truly retail-able product and lots of effort, they can. The problem is, sometime people starting a business have a regular full time job and they may not have a lot of business building and retailing time after working hours. At the same time, they are wanting to build their MLM income quickly in order to pay pressing expenses and debts that their day job salary can’t.

This scenario is not good, because if they find it hard to retail the product and make the extra cash they need right now, they will jump to something else. It’s a vicious circle – jumping from one deal to another trying to find one that is literally a money machine that spits out cash daily. This financial pressure and immediate need can easily destroy what could be a profitable long-term business.

My advice and thought for this situation – if you are really hard up for cash, get your MLM business going for long-term income and try to work out something else for short term cash. It all depends on your situation and how much you need. I’ve seen people with the right opportunity make hundreds their first month primarily by selling products, and you may be able to do this too. Just try to avoid getting stressed and jumping ship too quickly.

Are You Expecting Big Numbers Up Front?

Unfortunately, some MLM promoters really don’t emphasize the work and consistent effort needed to build a strong and profitable home business. They talk about big incomes that people earn quickly, because that is inspirational and gets prospects excited.

Thing is, when you see a picture of some hot shot waving a $10,000 check with a caption that says “Joe earned this in only his third month…” you aren’t hearing the whole story. Joe likely either brought over a nice downline from another company, had HUGE influence with a large circle of friends, or he spent almost that much on mass advertising and follow-up.

Point is, the stories about the fast earners are inspirational and encouraging for sure, but don’t feel like YOU are a failure if you don’t make that much that quickly. Just do the right daily actions and stay the course.

Are You Failing to Maintain Consistent Action?

Here is something I really want to emphasize. It is critical to understand this.

building a network marketing business and achieving full time job-replacing income, or financial independence, has a price – smart, consistent, daily action….and persistence….

It’s very important to develop a habit of daily action. You should be connecting with prospects each day. Following up, making connections, these are the actions that make your business grow. Without the daily habit, it’s just too easy to slack off and make excuses. This won’t get you where you want to be.

Are You Making Excuses and Playing the Blame Game?

Beware of losing focus by falling into the trap of making excuses and assigning blame for poor results. I once had a downline rep who signed up and went out almost immediately and started talking to people. His enthusiasm was admirable, but he really wasn’t prepared. He just wanted to make money in a hurry.

Turns out, he talked to about 20 of his friends, and none of them signed up right away. Some were skeptical, others were just not interested (at that point) in having a home business. This guy just couldn’t see how he did anything wrong, so he turned the blame to MLM. “MLM doesn’t work….” Happens a lot.

Don’t play the blame game. Take responsibility for your own actions and results – this is one of the keys to success in network marketing.

What is Building a Network Marketing Business Really About?

There are no shortcuts to success in MLM. It is so tempting to look for shortcuts, and often the result is failure to achieve anything at all. I’ve heard this quoted by several people, and I really like it – network marketing IS the shortcut.

Make it a point to internalize this truth – network marketing IS the shortcut. Don’t let yourself make excuses. Be patient, persistent, and work your business daily. Building a network marketing business, and achieving prosperity, isn’t a sprint. It’s a endurance run, and the rewards are incredible if you stay the course.

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  1. Another great article Eldon. I think the red flag here is the need to make something happen “quickly.” Anyone who’s been involved with network marketing, mlm or direct sales has faced the new recruit desperate to make something happen fast. Business takes time to grow and those who start off with that mindset are far more likely to hang in there for the long haul.

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