The Power of Laser Focused Network Marketing

smart to focus on one solid MLM network marketing opportunityHave you ever known anyone who started a network marketing or MLM business, showed lots of promise, then sort of drifted away into something else? Yeah, I feel your pain…because we see this all too often as we sponsor people into our business.

The reasons for difficulty in getting a network marketing business off the ground vary. Different people have different issues. However, many who struggle to gain traction and get it going have something in common.

Many people start home businesses with a particular mindset. Their desire is to be successful at making money from home, while at the same time they want to:

  • Keep Their Options Open

Which results in…

  • A Self-Destructive Lack of Focus

Take a look at the picture above. It illustrates how a convex lens works by gathering light from a wide area and focusing it on the other side to a laser point. Think of the incoming streams of light as your various talents, connections, ambitions, everything that makes you who you are.

If you go into a network marketing business unsure about it but wanting to “give it a try”, you’re actually keeping your options open just in case you stumble on something better later on. In this Internet world, with all the opportunities and distractions, you’re almost certain to come across something after a while that looks better or seems to have more income potential (there is some incredibly persuasive sales copy out there).

As a result of keeping your options open, in the back of your mind anyway, it’s easy to really never gain focus and you end up giving things a half-hearted effort. It happens all the time, to a lot of people.

Go back to the illustration of the convex lens. If you take the incoming light (your talents, connections, and ambitions) and focus it sharply, you get a very powerful and concentrated effort that can move mountains. If you don’t do this, you may still have some success, but will it be up to your true potential?

The bottom line – find a solid network marketing or MLM opportunity that you feel good about. Be sure you truly love the product(s) and would use them even without the income opportunity attached. Be sure the company is reputable and has a stable history. Be sure your upline team is supportive and prepared to help you succeed.

Then….focus all you have on that opportunity until you’ve reached the level of success you desire.

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  1. Lesly Federici says:

    What a great analogy. I love that ” Think of the incoming streams of light as your various talents, connections, ambitions, everything that makes you who you are.” then focus it into one business. How true, if you take a wait and see attitude, or allow distractions to keep you from your business it will not get off the groud. Great post! Your blog looks very clean, clear to read. Nice job!

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks Lesly, appreciate that! 🙂

    It’s so much more challenging to keep focus now, especially if you’re online, because of all the options at your fingertips. Staying on track is the key.

  3. Hey Eldon, you made me smile! Honestly, I had to laugh when I read your quote about “give it a try” because of how many times I heard that (back in the day). It is so challenging not to mentally write someone off when you hear that response.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      People are often afraid of failure, Marquita, thus they take on the “give it a try” mentality because deep down they don’t really believe they can do it.

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