Daily Steps for Success in Business

success in businessAre you having the success you desire with your home business? If not, what do you feel is holding you back?

One of the most common causes I’ve found for failure in network marketing, but this applies to any home business, is what I call “random action”.

Random action means you are doing things to build your business, but they are not particularly coordinated or focused.

Here are two things I see a lot when I’m working with people who are not having much success in business:

  • a vague goal or intention for their business (for example, “to make more money”)
  • lack of a daily plan with specific action steps defined

The first thing is to get the vague out of the goals. Then, move forward with a daily action plan that lays out exactly the steps you need to take every day.

Otherwise, you may just tend to drift and fall into the habit of taking random action. This will happen here and there, just when you kind of feel like it. If you want to make money with your network marketing business, you need a consistent plan you can follow.

If you are working a job, think about what you do each day. Do you just go in and hang out while waiting for inspiration to do something? I hope not, that would likely get you fired. You have specific duties that you must perform, right?

Same thing with achieving success in business. To make it happen in network marketing, you have to assign yourself to do certain things that are known to work for team-building and making money.

Here is an example of a daily action plan that works, if you work it. With something like this in place, the odds for success in business go up dramatically, if you follow it.

Step 1: Wake up with intentions – intentions to make your business grow today. Don’t say to yourself, “I’m going to try and grow my business today”. Say, instead, “I INTEND to grow my business today and I will”. It makes a difference.

Step 2: Connect with new prospects for your business. Put a realistic number on this. Two new prospects per day would be doable for most people.

Step 3: Introduce these prospects to your business, using whatever tools your company or upline team offers. This can be online videos, ebooks, or some other type of presentation. Hint – make it happen online, whenever possible, as this gives you more flexibility.

Step 4: Follow up with prospects who have viewed your presentation previously – perhaps 2-3 per day would make sense for most.

Step 5: Sponsor and begin training/building a relationship with your new stars! Look at everyone as having great potential to start, as you never know for sure. The achievers will rise to the top over time, and you will focus more on them as they do.

Of course, depending on your opportunity and your lifestyle, these daily action plan steps can be modified. The key is to get the fundamentals in:

  • have intentions
  • connect with new prospects
  • get prospects in front of your presentation
  • follow up follow up follow up
  • sponsor/train/rinse and repeat

Do these things consistently and you will have success in business, and your income will grow!


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