Email Marketing Tips for Network Marketing Pros

email marketing tips for network marketing prosLet’s talk about some email marketing tips that can help you sponsor more people and grow your network marketing business.

Email marketing is important for success in your online network marketing business. They say, “the money is in the list”, and this is very true because most people who visit your blog will not be interested in your opportunity right away.

However, if you can connect with them and capture their information, you can stay in touch. Things change and when the timing is right for them, you want to be there.

It all begins by setting up an autoresponder account, then inviting people to join your list. Here are ten helpful tips for success in email marketing.

Make it Easy for People to Sign Up

You want visitors to be able to sign up for your list easily. Put a form on your blog above the fold (so they don’t have to scroll down to see it) and keep it simple. Ask for their name and email address at a minimum, and also add phone number as an optional field if you like. The simpler, the better.

Offer a Strong Incentive to Join

People do a lot of surfing these days, and because almost every website or blog seems to have an opt-in form, they become resistant to filling them out. Many people fear being spammed, regardless of whether you include the statement “your email address will never be shared with anyone” or not. You need to offer some sort of valuable information or training that will entice people to fill out the form.

In most cases, invitations like “join my list for updates” or “sign up to get my free newsletter” are not sufficient to motivate someone to share their information. The offer must be enticing.

Make Your Followup Emails Valuable

Use your followup emails to provide valuable and helpful information that people can use. Don’t just send out sales pitches. I recently unsubscribed from two “guru” mailing lists because all they send out now is pitches for products and services. When I first joined their lists, they were providing helpful information I could use without being forced to buy anything. Sometime greed gets to marketers – don’t let that happen to you.

Promoting your business or product is a big part of the reason for the list – just be sure to include genuine content in the mix to keep it valuable and interesting for your subscribers.

Write Your Subject Lines Carefully

Most people get a lot of email, and even if they like your content, they may not open your followups unless your subject line catches their attention. Here are some free tips from Copyblogger, a definite authority on the subject:

Personalize It

Use variables to personalize your salutation, and possibly your subject line, with the subscriber’s name. This helps increase your open rate, because even though they see it all the time, putting the name in there does draw more attention than just sending text that looks like it went to a million people.

Forget What You Learned About Writing

Well almost….sure, pay attention to spelling and decent grammar, but otherwise use an informal and conversational tone in your followups. This helps your reader to relax and feel more receptive to your message.

Pretend that you are talking to a friend, and write in that style. It will come across much better than formal, traditional writing does. Remember, as a network marketing pro, you are developing relationships here with real people.

Address Issues and Solve Problems for Your Subscribers

In your followups, think of the problems and questions your target audience faces, and address them. In network marketing, consider the main needs – getting leads, sponsoring, overcoming fear and discouragement, things like that and use your content to help provide solutions for those problems.

Don’t Be Long Winded

One of the best email marketing tips – keep your text reasonably short and to the point. A good technique is to write just enough to be helpful, then if there is more you want to add, link back to the information on your blog. This will help get your readers further engaged with your content and help you stand out from the pack. This is assuming you have a content-rich blog for personal branding and marketing, not just a sales page or affiliate site.

Engage Readers With a Call to Action

Sending out relevant and useful content to your target audience is great, but doesn’t help much if you don’t lead them to take desired actions. It might be to visit your blog (where you promote yourself and your network marketing business) or purchase a product from you.

I often send broadcasts to my list with a short blurb about a new post in my blog, along with something like this: “Please click the link to find out more, and if you like the post, please consider leaving a comment or sharing it with others“.

Send in Text and HTML Formats

It’s good to send your email in HTML and text formats. Email list providers like Aweber make it easy to create your message both ways. Some people choose to receive emails in text-only format, for security reasons, and HTML messages will not be viewable to them. For those who do accept HTML emails (which is the majority), you can track the links in your emails and get valuable statistics to use in evaluating your campaigns.

Following these email marketing tips will help you retain and engage your subscribers for the long term, which is what you want to do.

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  1. Eldon,

    Awesome tips for building your email marketing list. It is all about the basics. No fancy tricks to get people to sign up.

    We need to connect sometime. Feel free to skype me at andrewmarcnathan



  2. Dewane Mutunga says:


    Great tips here on email marketing practices and list building. I’m big on email marketing, it’s really a game changer. Relevance is the key to successful email marketing. Your email must be crafted to perfection and targeted to your segmented list(s).

    Thanks again!

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