Twitter Marketing Tips for Your Home Business

twitter marketingTwitter marketing is one of  the hottest topics out there today. When people talk about ways to market a home business online, Twitter always comes up.

Some people consider Twitter to be virtually useless for marketing now. One reason is that so many marketers are spamming their followers multiple times a day with blatant promotions and sales pitches.

It’s difficult to see how or why anyone would bother to follow all those promotions, much less click on any of them. In my case, I had pretty much given up on Twitter as a serious marketing tool until I learned more about the proper ways to use it.

If you, like me, started your Twitter account by setting it up and putting keywords in your profile like “mlm”, “home business” or “work from home” you probably know what I mean. You have had hundreds of people follow you, and in an effort to build your Twitter followers up, you follow them back hoping they will continue to follow you and read whatever you send out. Sound familiar?

Admittedly, it isn’t easy to be noticed on Twitter now. Your tweets just tend to get buried among all the others. However, all is not lost. You CAN make great use of Twitter as a marketing tool if follow some basic guidelines for “smart tweeting”.’

Here are five Twitter marketing tips that can make a difference for you.

1) Try to follow people who are sending out quality tips and information in your niche. Then, to stand out from the crowd, engage them directly and ask questions or comment about something they tweeted. Use a direct message to start a conversation. Very few people practicing Twitter marketing are actually doing this consistently. This is one way you can meet potential prospects, as well as make valuable connections that will benefit you in other ways up the line.

2) Mix up your tweets. Send out a good mix of business and general conversational topics. People want to see the non-business side of you too. Look for opportunities to discuss current events and happenings (avoid controversial topics). Just mix it up so you don’t appear to be using Twitter solely for marketing.

3) Make it a point to send out helpful tips and links to resources in your niche – this type of tweet should go out more often than invitations to check out your opportunity or product. People will notice and appreciate this, and regard you as a professional.

4) Never direct message your followers with advertising or promotion for your business, unless they have asked you about it. This is considered spam and many people will report it to Twitter. Don’t take the chance if you’re serious about building a long-term business online.

5) Be sure your profile is filled out completely, including a  professional picture of you. Include links to your website or blog, and give enough information that people can get a feel for who you are.

Marketing your home business can be successful for you if you follow these Twitter marketing tips consistently.

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