How to Beat the MLM Blues

here is the cure for mlm bluesDo you have the MLM blues?

The MLM blues is the fear, doubt, and discouragement you can experience when you’ve worked your business pretty hard for a while with little result. Few if any prospects are signing up.

You’ve done the presentations, talked to the people, done everything by the book but everything seems at a standstill.

How can you break out of this and get on a positive and productive track?

Let’s look at four effective ways to break out of the funk and move forward.

Stay Busy and Keep Working

I know it’s tough to do the fundamentals when you’re down and discouraged. You may be wondering whether you made the right decision to join, if the company or product is really right for you, things like that. Doubt causes procrastination and inaction, no doubt about it.

Set yourself some daily goals. These can be things like talking to 2 people about your opportunity, mailing a DVD to a potential prospect to follow up later, anything that results in connecting with someone, somehow. If you make yourself take daily consistent action, it will help you break out of the MLM blues, I promise.

Don’t give up. Call your upline leaders for support. Talk through it. Let them help you make a plan for daily action.

Sharpen Your Listening Skills

If you’re approaching or working with a good number of prospects, and nobody seems to be responding, think about this – are you a good listener? Are you focused on discovering what your prospects need and want? Is your focus on signing them up so you can make a fast start bonus?

A big key to successful MLM sponsoring is becoming a good listener. If you seem to be interested mainly in what someone signing up can do for you, they can sense that and you quickly become an unattractive sponsor.

Team Building is Contagious

Let’s say you’ve sponsored a few people, but they aren’t doing anything. You can’t motivate your downline and force them to take action, but you sure can set an example that will encourage them.

Get out and focus on sponsoring new people. Create some sort of email update or newsletter and welcome everyone that is sponsored into your downline. This is positive action, it’s contagious, and it can help encourage people in your group who are sitting on the fence. People like to be part of something that’s happening.

Make Sure You Understand WHY

If the MLM blues have hit you, take a time out and go over your WHY. Your reasons for doing your MLM business must be strong enough to keep you going while you’re striving to reach that magical point where exponential growth starts to take place. How strong is your why?

If you’re in business just for the money, that may not be enough. You really need an emotional attachment to your why. I can’t remember who said it, but I’ve often seen the quote “your why should make you cry“. Pretty strong stuff.

Have you been down about your business, and caught the MLM blues? If so, how did you overcome and get back on track?

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  1. Inspired advice Eldon. I think one of the toughest things for someone in leadership to do is to know when to let go … I heard a great piece of advice about working with someone to achieve their goals. Rule #1: They have to want it more than you do.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      “they have to want it more than you do”….absolutely….you can want it for them really badly but in the end it’s their call…

  2. Jaden Daniels says:

    My biggest hurdle was finding my why. I thought I knew my why, but once I started digging deeper I found my true why and everything is going in the right direction ever since.


    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Jaden, that has been the experience of many people – you have to really dig down and find the real “why” before the magic happens….and it’s often deeper than the surface “why” you were thinking of.

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