Why Won’t Your MLM Prospects Be Honest?

why mlm prospects won't take actionHave you ever had the feeling that some of your MLM prospects just won’t tell you the truth?

How many times have you had someone express an interest in your business, say they will take a particular action, then nothing happens?

I really don’t believe that people necessarily intend to lie or be dishonest, but it sure appears that way sometime.

There are usually pretty predictable reasons that this happens.

Let’s assume you’ve had an initial conversation and went over some things about your opportunity.

As you are finishing up, your prospect says…

  • I’ll watch this DVD and get back with you“….and when you follow up they haven’t
  • send me the link and I will sign up tonight” and they don’t
  • sure, give me a call Wednesday evening and we’ll talk some more” and they won’t answer or return your calls
  • I like what I’ve learned, I’ll be signing up next week when I get paid“…and they don’t

What do you think might be the problem here? Are people just lazy or trying to get rid of you?

Here are three possible reasons.

Sales Resistance

You know how people will tell a salesperson anything to get rid of them, right? Consider whether your discussions with your prospects are more about all the benefits of signing up for your opportunity, or more about what THEY are looking for. The answer to that is huge.

The solution to sales resistance – don’t come across like you’re trying to convince or persuade. Think of your conversation as a two way discussion, with your job being to help your prospect determine if your opportunity is right for them.

What is the Why?

Have you talked to them about why they are looking for a home business right now? Sometime it’s just to make enough extra to support an additional car payment. Other times, it might be a really big goal like replacing their full time income and creating a lifetime residual income.

It’s important to discuss this and know what your prospect has in mind. Those wishing to replace their current income will likely need additional information and more insight into how they can make the business successful and profitable. This is where “the solution” comes in.

Where is the Solution?

Given their “why”, can your opportunity get them where they want to go? This is one big reason people disappear or neglect to take action. They just don’t see how they can take your opportunity and turn it into the income and prosperity needed to reach their “why”.

Remember that most people are rushed and stressed from busy lives. It takes more to get peoples’ attention now than it did 30 years ago. I’ve found that most MLM prospects I work with are also considering other opportunities, which makes it even more important to focus on them and build that initial relationship.

Most others they talk to about opportunities will likely be more self centered and concerned with what’s in it for them, so putting the focus where it should be (on your prospect) makes a lot of difference and sets you apart.


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  1. Eldon,

    Completely agree with you here. I have stopped chasing a lot of my clients, because they are just not going to move forward unless their why is large enough. When it is they will take action.


    • Eldon Beard says:

      Good point Andy. I learned a long time ago, there are really good prospects out there who are anxious to find the right opportunity and move quickly. I focus on finding those people. The ones who aren’t ready yet or don’t have the motivation right now, I keep in touch and let them know when the time is right, I’m here to help.

  2. Tom Bradley says:

    Great coaching Eldon,

    You hit it on the head…focus on their why and let them remind themselves of the fact that they want more…if you can’t get that to happen then it’s the red flag that they aren’t ready yet…


  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Right Tom, and we can’t make anyone ready….we can offer the opportunity, support, and tools but none of that is worth anything until the “why” and motivation is in place.

  4. Eldon,

    Your right with no selling and find out what that persons has a passion about. Then focus on them and not products or tools within your platform Bring an emotional bond that will fit their passion. Your not selling your opportunity. You want people to bond with you so what do you have in common with them and their passion is the point.

    I found that you have 3 minutes to allow yourself to make them feel your a real person they can count on to coach them and be with them for a lifetime of support. You do not brag about your success and things about money. Do not use fear, greed and the rush to take action. Those people feel it and sense a negative hidden agenda manifesting. You will come off being pushy which has the end results you spoke of. The delay tactics of making false statements for not accepting to join you..

    Being yourself and remain transparent at all times. You would like to tell them how unique they are and needed. Get them to answer just the one important question of what is their passion. The one thing they loved doing yet forgot about based on life situations which stopped them from remembering that one thing they love to do on a daily basis. The one thing the love and makes them feel good. The one thing that makes them want to share with the world how fantastic this passion is . That is opening them up to feeling emotions long forgotten.

    Then you show them how that one passion can be the foundation for their real business. How they can just share their passion daily with others and generate revenue by just doing that.

    No matter what platform your calling an opportunity. The products and tools is not worth anyone’s time to review with anyone on the first contact. You need to focus on the feel good emotions of that person. You make this connection and keep that sales pitch mentality out of the equation. You can really bring hope in their life., You just need to practice empowering people to the point the hungry for more to their current lifestyle excites them to the highest level. They will need to feel that heightened level more and thus want you to be in their life. Then they will ask how this is all possible now!

    This is a lifetime journey and not a race. You want people to better themselves and be with you for this lifetime journey. Foundation building is needed with learning how to visualize things into being. Passionate support is required and not sales pitches playing on others negative emotions.

    Thank you for a fantastic topic and insightful wisdom. I have to admit this being my first visit you have shown to be one person who reflects ethical support for others. I will enjoy learning more about you in the near future.

  5. Eldon Beard says:

    William, I appreciate your thoughtful and insightful comments. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Hi Eldon. I am not currently involved in MLM, but I’m on the path with a company. This is good advice that I will take to heart as I start to contact prospects. Thanks for sharing this information.

    All the best,

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