Your Network Marketing Business – Is it Time to Give Up?

are you frustrated with your network marketing business?For many who begin promising ventures with a network marketing business, there comes a time when everything seems to be at a standstill.

The hoped-for growth and income just isn’t happening for some reason, and that reason is often not clear at all.

It is a time of serious discouragement and significant reflection. This can happen when you’ve gone out and done everything you think is right, and nothing is working.

You’re prospecting, getting some leads, have automated follow-ups going on, but nobody is signing up. It’s very frustrating!

A lot of people get involved in network marketing and begin generating leads by:

  • placing ads both online and offline
  • posting in forums with a signature link back to their lead capture funnel
  • putting sizzle cards out everywhere
  • prospecting in entrepreneurial groups on Facebook
  • trying many other methods

These techniques are usually aimed at driving prospects to a sales page where there is a video and an invitation to opt-in for more information about the opportunity. This is good, as you definitely want to capture contact information to have a chance at following up.

Many networkers get a good number of leads like this, but still their business doesn’t grow, and they get frustrated after a time and wonder if all the effort is worth it. I remember a time in my network marketing business career when I felt this way.

Here is the secret that lies behind a lot of this frustration. You do all this promotion and get a good number of leads, but nobody joins. Is there a common problem when this happens? There usually is.

Network marketing business success is directly related to how many prospects you actually talk to.

It’s that simple. It’s really easy to kick back and wait for prospects to be sorted through your follow-up system, and hope the ones that are really interested will call you. Sometime they do, but most will not.

If your leads don’t leave good phone numbers, or never answer when you call, there isn’t much you can do about that. There are always those, though, who are serious and will talk to you, particularly if they saw you or your ad on a site that they trust and respect.

Just a few years ago, it wasn’t all that uncommon for people looking for opportunity to sign up for a network marketing business without even talking to anyone first. For some reason, that just doesn’t happen as much anymore, and I suspect it has a lot to do with all the choices and options that are out there now.

An opportunity seeker can find you and become interested in your business, opt-in to your list, then go Google and find other reps and do the same. Sponsor shopping. Sometime it comes down to who calls and connects with them first – and many network marketers won’t make that phone call to their leads. Strange, but true.

If you have been prospecting, getting leads, but not enrolling new reps take a  hard look at how many people you actually talk to every day about your business. If it isn’t at least 1-2 prospects a day, you know what the problem is. Don’t give up and think your network marketing business doesn’t work, ramp it up and focus your efforts until you are talking to prospects daily, then see what happens!

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  1. Eldon,
    great article! Here’s the crux of the matter right here at the end of your article: “take a hard look at how many people you actually talk to every day about your business. If it isn’t at least 1-2 prospects a day, you know what the problem is.”
    That sums up the situation quite nicely. I was on another woman’s blog the other day and she was saying how a prospect had tried to contact 12 other sponsors in a company and went with this woman in her company because she was the ONLY ONE who called her back! HELLO?
    It always gets back to the basics and thanks for sharing that with us to remind us!
    Take Care,
    Jupiter Jim

  2. Eldon,
    You are explaining something that is common to all businesses, not just network marketing. You are talking about talking directly to a prospect, not expecting that person to reach out to you, but for you to reach out to them. So simple yet you are so right, so many people just don’t do it.


    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi Erica, many people take the concept of “sorting” too far, to the point of waiting for leads to call them. It’s logical, really, but just doesn’t work that way for some reason. I think prospects want to work with someone who cares enough to call them, and will wait for someone to do so.

  3. Eldon,
    This has been a sore spot for many in network marketing for a long, long time. We all want the magic to happen by magic. So many want what MLM has to offer but are unwilling to do the work. I’ve been guilty of it myself until I shake myself out of my lethargy and get busy. Thanks for the ever needed reminder.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Rick, I just published a post a few minutes ago about people who commit to buying a solution (in this case, a network marketing opportunity) but can’t seem to take it any farther. It’s like you say, some people want magic to just happen.

  4. Thanks Eldon, I always teach my business partners “it is always too early to quit”. That is why is so important to find either a networkmarketing program or a business where you love what you do. When things don’t go as fast as you want: you keep learning, empowering and developing the skills you need in order to succeed.

  5. Eldon Beard says:

    Good advice Alicia – I like that – “it is always too early to quit”

  6. Boyd Merriman says:

    I agree with your article and it is about Relationships. If you do not show the prospect you care enough about their dreams, their goals and help them build their business, then you have no reason to even start.
    My goal is to help others succeed first. As Zig Ziglar sez: “If you help enough others get what they want, then you will get what you want”
    I feel my business will not succeed unless I help enough others succeed first.
    First, get into their minds and hearts, then help them love the business you are in.
    Follow ups, reach out, helping, encouraging, mentoring, being there for them.
    Talk them, yes, but also listen to them.
    Boyd Merriman

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