How to Make Money in MLM and Not Be Broke

how to make money in mlmWondering how to make money in MLM? I found this bit of wisdom on Facebook recently, credit to Todd Falcone for posting it.

There are tons of books, courses, articles, and guides for making a great income with network marketing. Sometime it gets overwhelming. I know people who are always studying, rarely taking action, because they want to make it so complex.

I think this sums up the core of what you need for success in this business. I’ve added some of my own comments in parentheses.

Wanna Know How to MAKE MONEY IN MLM and Not be BROKE Like Most People?

1.  Open your mouth and talk to people…but spend MOST of your time LISTENING (it’s really tempting to say too much to prospects, often because of nervousness or anxiety and a fear of NOT sponsoring them….relax, let your presentation tools handle the hard stuff, focus YOUR time on listening).

2.  Forget about your needs for a bit, and find out what THEY WANT (it doesn’t matter what YOU want, you must focus on the needs of your prospect, this is powerful).

3.  Be FIRED UP and PASSIONATE about what you do.  People follow that (trust me, prospects know whether you are excited about your product and opportunity – if you aren’t but are trying to fake it to make some money, they can sense that and your income will reflect it).

4.  Be STRAIGHT with people.  Don’t lie, BS or exaggerate like so many do (little more needs to be said here, being open and honest up front at all times builds a reputation that will serve you well over time).

5.  Do something DAILY to promote your business (too many people put off building their MLM business until tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes…..and they wonder why it doesn’t work).

6. STOP looking for opportunity and BUILD the one you’re in (this hits home hard for many….are you in a business but constantly looking around for something new or better? You can’t focus and have success like that, take what you have and make it work).

7. Surround yourself with DOERS.  They’ll lift you up when you hit a bump (no joke, hang around negative people and you’ll become just like them…guaranteed).

That’s it for now.  Go now.  Do. This is how to make money in MLM.

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