Is Money the Only Thing That Matters in Network Marketing?

money made with a network marketing businessWhat is the most important thing in your network marketing business? Is it mostly about the money you can make with your business?

Have you ever gone to a store where it was obvious that all they wanted you to do was buy something and leave? Ever seen that attitude 15 minutes before closing time?

I bet you have, and I suspect you really didn’t want to shop at that store again. You kind of got the feeling that all they wanted was your money.

Think about how this can be applied to your relationship with those in your downline. Do you just want them to build their business and sell some product so you can make a percentage, while you go about recruiting more people? Do you care about their success? Do you try to help them get started and learn how to build their business?

Since you are reading this, I suspect you really do care about your downline and whether they succeed or not. However, as you work your network marketing business, you will occasionally sponsor people whose goal is to make as much money as they can, as fast as they can. They may become really good at recruiting and sponsoring. The problem is, they may not yet understand the relationship between giving of themselves to help people in their downline succeed, and making the big money long term.

There is an old way of doing things in network marketing. It is called sponsor as many as possible and see who sticks and builds a business. Using this approach to the extreme, one would sign people up and then spend little or no time helping them get started before moving on to do more recruiting. Perhaps there is some training material to point them to before moving on, but still….I think you know what I am trying to say.

If you notice that someone in your downline seems focused only on their own personal profits, try to help them see that they will make much more money if they put their downline first.

The secret – show your group how to make money, and you will make money. Much more money.

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