How to Spam Your Way to MLM Success

how to spam for mlm business successAre you ready to launch your new MLM business online in a BIG way, and start making some fast money? The key to success in online MLM is learning how to spam effectively everywhere you can.

There are several proven ways to do this. Look for network marketing discussion groups, MLM forums, home business discussions, and entrepreneur groups. Join these groups and then get busy posting details about your opportunity as often as you can.

Be certain to include all the benefits of your business, especially how much money people can make and how great your compensation plan is. Don’t forget to edify your upline team also – stress the fact that just being on the same team as these heavy hitters will almost ensure success.

Move quickly and post often. Don’t waste time trying to “fit in” or contribute anything, because there is no time for this. Your objective is to sell your opportunity, and to do this you must expose it to as many people as possible.

OK, before you think I’m crazy….the above was written in the spirit of humor. Thing is, sometime it seems that there really is a “how to” course for MLM spamming out there somewhere. That, plus many novice MLM business builders just don’t know any better.

I recently posted my article about The Key to Choosing the Best MLM Opportunity for You over on one of the LinkedIn MLM groups. There was an interesting reply to that post:

This is absolutely true, and i can put my hand on my heart to say that we have weekly webinars, my uplines are available anytime 24/07, to support me as i’m new to this business, we have a unique product which not only does it tackle weight loss, cholesterol, blood sugars, acid reflux, constipation, herbal supplement which has 3 ingredients, it does have the best payplan. 5 min movie.

I really feel bad for this person, because they just don’t have a clue yet. They don’t realize that this sort of public “interaction” isn’t going to help build their MLM business. Notice that they admitted “i’m new to this business“. I know this gets mentioned often in professional network marketing circles, but it bears repeating:

The purpose of social media is to meet people and build relationships, trust, and value. A natural result of this will be attracting people who are interested in working with you.

Years ago, before online social media became the dominant force it is now, message board and forum advertising and spamming probably snagged a lead every once in a while. Over time, though, people have become tired of this and have no tolerance for it. I’m not talking about posting ads in areas that are set aside for promotions, but rather the type of thing you see above – a blatant self-promoting reply to a discussion thread intended for serious network marketing professionals to discuss business.

I encourage everyone, please teach your new downline team members the proper way to use social networking sites to help build their business. I don’t think most people who post blatant ads in discussions are specifically taught how to spam, they just don’t know any better. When people go into communities and spam the discussions, they brand themselves as amateurs and will quickly get a bad reputation. Please help your new people avoid falling into this trap.

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