Using Social Networking to Promote Your Home Business

social networking on the InternetSocial networking sites like Facebook are becoming more and more popular for home business entrepreneurs. Not only are they great places to find old friends and meet new people, they can also be very effective in helping you spread the word about your home business, if you use them correctly. It isn’t wise to go in to these networks with the primary intention of promoting your business. Sure, that’s what your ultimate goal is, but you have to approach things in the proper order.

First, understand that spamming and blatant promotion of your home business is quickly spotted, and the majority of people will at best ignore you. You even risk getting banned from many of these networks if you show up and go crazy with commercial pitches or post link after link to your recruiting or sales websites. Spamming has become a big problem in the social networks, because there are lots of people there and lazy promoters think they can get rich if they get their stuff in front of enough people. Wrong!

If you’re involved in network marketing or any home business that relies on building relationships with others (and most home businesses do in some fashion), you can reap huge rewards from participating in these networks if you go in with the right intentions and attitude. Here are some tips to help you get started the right way on Facebook, or the social network of your choice. Note that each of these networks have guidelines for getting the most out of the community – take time to look at these, and consider this a long-term venture. Think of it as if you’ re moving to a new town and establishing yourself and your business from the ground up.

  • join the community and upload a picture – it doesn’t have to be a portrait, a casual photo is just fine for most people
  • fill in the profile as much as possible, including as much about you as you are comfortable sharing with the world – other users do read these and it helps form their initial impression of you
  • include links to your network marketing or home business site in your profile, but avoid any text that sounds like hype (“Get in Now – Hot Ground Floor Opportunity”)
  • look for groups that  are centered around common interests and join them – many of the larger social networks have “home business” or “MLM Network Marketing” type groups, and you should participate in groups related to your non-business interests as well
  • participate in discussions and look for opportunities to contribute to the community (answering questions, helping people who are looking for something, there are many opportunities)

Always remember, nobody likes or follows someone who appears to be in the network solely for self promotion or to sell something. Certainly, everyone realizes that marketers are active there, and it would be foolish to think otherwise. The secret is becoming a contributor and building trust. This can take some time, but is well worth it.

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