Why Social Networking Fails for Some Network Marketers

social networking and network marketingNow that “attraction marketing” and social networking sites are all the rage in network marketing and MLM, I’m seeing a lot of interesting developments. As this movement grows, you’ll see predictable behaviors and results to match.

While Facebook and similar social networking sites are on the cutting edge of this movement, the same things have been happening for years on more traditional online communities, such as MLM message boards and WAHM (work at home mom) boards.

Let’s talk about three common social network user profiles common to network marketers and other home business opportunity promoters.

The Spammer – this is the user who creates an account (often with automated software), adds little or no useful information to their profile, never contributes to discussions, but posts links to their opportunity or recruiting page wherever allowed. These people often create multiple accounts under different names, posting the same links over and over.

The Pretender – this is the user who really tries and generally means well, but joins the community with one purpose in mind – recruiting. They will occasionally join discussions, but typically with the objective of getting a signature link in. Comments like “Great post!” or “Thanks for posting this!” are typical for this user. They will frequently fill out part of their profile, and often include a real photo.

The Contributor – this is the user who joins the community with two things in mind. First, to become a part of the community and really contribute. Second, to make friends and contacts, some of whom will naturally become business prospects over time. The Contributor takes time to post thoughtful replies to discussions, and often starts discussion threads of their own.

Let’s contrast the “Pretender” and the “Contributor”. At first glance, these users seem similar. Nice profiles, real photos, most of the basics. The difference is in the participation.

The “Pretender” is mostly interested in getting leads, and it shows. They post very short and infrequent replies, leaving the feeling that they are trying to do “just enough” to get by.

The “Contributor” also wants to get leads, let’s make no mistake about that! However, by putting first things first and becoming a valued member of the community, they are setting themselves up to make friends and build real relationships. They understand that it isn’t necessarily the person who clicks a link to their network marketing site that becomes a prospect. They understand that a new friend, a relationship they build, can recommend them to someone who IS a great prospect and ready to do something. We all know that referrals to us from friends can be the very best prospects, right?

So, my point is this. If you are building a network marketing business, or looking to drum up interest in your home business products or services, the key to long term success in online social networking is building relationships.

Join Facebook and other social networking communities as you see fit. Take time to get a feel for the groups you join and go in with the attitude of “add value and make friends” first. Once you get established and trusted, you’ll be surprised how many good things can happen for your business!

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