MLM Success – Five Steps to Success in MLM

mlm successMLM Success – what does this mean to you?

For most home based entrepreneurs, it means choosing the right opportunity. It means building a successful and profitable business.

It means, simply, making money with whatever venture you choose.

Do you have a home business right now that you aren’t happy with? Are you looking for answers, and wondering how to cut through all the bull and achieve true MLM success?

Let’s talk about five things that are critical to success in MLM and network marketing. If you are seeking an opportunity right now, this will help you make a smart decision. If you already have a business you want to get off the ground, you’re in the right place too.

Choose a Solid MLM Business

The first thing you have to do is choose a solid, reputable, and stable opportunity that has a chance to be around for the long term. Unfortunately, in part because the network marketing business model is so lucrative, lots of companies come and go. Quickly. Be aware that highly hyped opportunities aren’t always what they seem.

I see new MLM business opportunity launches every year. Some are headed by really excellent marketers, people considered by many as experts on making money from home. These marketers know how to attract quite a following, and having their name on a launch pretty much ensures at least short term success for the company.

The bad news is that sometime, these people get in on new deals to turn a fast profit. They may know that the opportunity is not a solid long-term proposition. They have a predetermined exit strategy, and will land just fine if the business folds. Not so lucky are many who follow the hype into such deals.

When choosing your business, look for a company that has a track record. Consider 3-5 years in business as a positive. Look for a quality product at a reasonable price. If similar products can be found much cheaper elsewhere, beware. Look for value. It’s okay to pay a premium for a quality product or service. Just be careful of money games, where large amounts of cash are exchanged for intangible products that have little value.

Choose Your Sponsor Carefully

Once you decide on a company, choose your personal sponsor carefully. If you have a good feeling about the person who initially introduced you to a business, go with them. If not, check some others out. Be sure you choose someone you feel comfortable talking to, and would enjoy working with.

mlm downline teamOne quick tip – when evaluating your potential upline team, look at the top leaders and the training they have put together. Are they among the most successful top earners? If so, don’t feel you must sign up directly with them. Make it a point to sign up in their team, but check out some others in their group as potential sponsors. You may click with some people better than others. Being in the right group, with the right sponsor, is very powerful.

Make a Firm Commitment to MLM Success

After you choose your company, it is very important to make a decision. You have to decide that you will stick with the business and follow a proven training system. Your upline team should provide training. It is up to you to follow the training and learn the proven ways to build the business.

Caution – a lot of new network marketers feel the need to “reinvent the wheel” and bypass proven marketing training and do their own thing. This isn’t wise for two reasons. First, unless you’re a proven marketer and leader, what you “think” will work might not be effective at all. Second, when you sponsor people, you want to have a consistent system to plug them in to. If your upline team training says do one thing and your philosophy is do another, can you see the confusion that will result? Confusion does not lead to MLM success.

Feed Your Mind With the Right Stuff

People always say “think positive”. It can seem old and empty sometime. The fact is, though, that you will face times of discouragement in your business. You will sometime feel frustration and rejection. There may be times when you feel like giving up.

It’s big – feed your mind with positive and inspirational material. I make it a point to read or listen to something each day that is positive and uplifting. Listen to the pros, those who are successful and making money. They will testify to the importance of fighting negativity and staying positive and focused. This is critical.

Act, React, and Adjust as Needed

Once you’ve made a commitment and started your business, you’ll begin to apply the success techniques and tips that your upline taught you. You’ll find that one of two things happen.

You will sponsor people fairly consistently (3-4 a month) and move forward while building an income.


You will have difficulty sponsoring and won’t be making money.

Here is what to remember in your quest for MLM success:

Act – get out there and stir things up, show your business, talk to people, just take action.

React – see the results you are getting, and decide if things seem to be going as you expected.

Adjust as Needed – all top leaders can tell many, many stories of mistakes they made on the way to the top. If things aren’t going well, get with your upline leaders and discuss it. You may need to change something, or take additional action. They are there to help you create a winning MLM success plan, and do whatever it takes to reach your goals and dreams!

I appreciate you taking time to stop by today. It tells me that you are a person of action, and are looking for something more. I like that. If you are involved with a home business now, and are happy with it, please feel free to browse around my blog for more helpful tips.

If you are looking for a home business, check out my primary opportunity and let’s talk.