What Matters Most in Choosing a Network Marketing Opportunity

what matters most in choosing a good MLM opportunityThere are many things to consider when choosing a good network marketing / MLM opportunity. You want a home business opportunity that fits YOU and provides you with a realistic shot at making some decent money.

The first thing is to put strong consideration into the actual opportunity. Once you’ve found a solid network marketing opportunity backed by a reputable company, you can begin searching for a sponsor and upline support group that you feel comfortable and excited to work with.

But first things first…

Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when choosing your opportunity.

Age of Company + Hype Factor

Be wary of a new company that is heavily hyped and “over the top” with buzzwords like ground floor, pre-launch, get in at the top, and so on. You can sense this immediately.

New network marketing and MLM companies come and go every year. Think of your business as a long-term venture. You want stable income that will last. Go with a company that’s been around a while and has an established track record.

The Products

The products or services your company sells goes a LONG way in determining how successful you’ll be.

Super lucrative compensation plan + marginal products = potential burst of cash at the beginning with little prospect for stable ongoing income.

Be careful when considering network marketing opportunities built around a single product.  Be especially wary of juices and nutritional drinks – they are cloning and copying each other right and left and some of them are severely overpriced and have little value.

Try the products and ask yourself honestly, “would I buy these products if I wasn’t trying to make money from them”? The pricing of the products doesn’t have to be tightly competitive with Walmart pricing for similar products, IF they are better quality and offer enough value to justify a higher cost.

Opportunity to Make Money Outside Recruiting

It’s easy to step on toes with this one. However, it needs to be said. A good network marketing or MLM opportunity needs to have products with sufficient demand and value that people outside the opportunity will want to buy them. This does not mean you have to devote a big part of your time to retailing.

You can focus on sponsoring and team building, as you should, because…

a good network marketing product will attract traditional customers just by virtue of being good…and you’ll get customers as a benefit of making presentations, as some will desire to try the product but won’t be interested in the network marketing business aspect.

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